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In-game description:


Condition. While suffering from this injury, you move 50% slower.


  • A crippled character can be easily spotted as they move with a severe limp.
  • Crippling weapon upgrades lengthen the duration of Crippled by 33%.


Name Target Duration Stats Notes Skill type Attr Cam
Axe Rake.jpg Axe Rake foe 15s
    5 Adrenaline.png    
+damage & target must suffer from deep wound Axe Attack WarriorAxe C
Crippling Slash.jpg Crippling Slash Foe 5..13s
    6 Adrenaline.png    
Also inflict bleeding Elite Sword Attack WarriorSword N
Hamstring.jpg Hamstring foe 3..13s
    10 Energy.png   15 Recharge.png
Sword Attack WarriorSword C
Desperation Blow.jpg Desperation Blow Foe 15s
    5 Energy.png   7 Recharge.png
+damage, knockdown self & random chance of causing deep wound (20s), bleeding (25s), crippled (15s) or weakness (20s) Melee Attack WarriorTact P
Drunken Blow.jpg Drunken Blow Foe 15s
    5 Energy.png   7 Recharge.png
+damage, knockdown self & random chance of causing deep wound (20s), bleeding (25s), crippled (15s) or weakness (20s) Melee Attack WarriorTact F
"You're All Alone!".jpg "You're All Alone!" Foe 8s
    5 Energy.png   10 Recharge.png
If foe isn't near an ally, give crippled & weakness for 8s Elite Shout WarriorNone N
Maiming Strike.jpg Maiming Strike foe 5..13s
    10 Energy.png   5 Recharge.png
if foe is moving. Deals +5..17 dmg Pet Attack RangerBeast C
Strike as One.jpg Strike as One foe 5..13s
    5 Energy.png   10 Recharge.png
Next attack Elite Shout RangerBeast N
Crippling Shot.jpg Crippling Shot foe 1...9s
    10 Energy.png   4 Recharge.png
Cannot be blocked Elite Bow Attack RangerMarks P
Melandru's Shot.jpg Melandru's Shot Foe 5..13s
    5 Energy.png 1 Activation.png 8 Recharge.png
If foe is moving or knocked down, give cripple and +10..22 damage Elite Bow Attack RangerMarks F
Pin Down.jpg Pin Down foe 3..13s
    15 Energy.png   8 Recharge.png
Bow Attack RangerMarks C
Barbed Trap.jpg Barbed Trap Nearby foes 3...21s
    15 Energy.png 2 Activation.png 20 Recharge.png
Causes bleeding for 3...21s, hits for 7...20 damage Trap RangerWS C
Snare.jpg Snare Nearby foes 3..13s
    5 Energy.png 2 Activation.png 20 Recharge.png
Trap RangerWS F
Spike Trap.jpg Spike Trap Nearby foes 3...21s
    10 Energy.png 2 Activation.png 20 Recharge.png
Each second for 2 seconds; also causes knockdown Elite Trap RangerWS C
Illusion of Haste.jpg Illusion of Haste self 3s
    5 Energy.png 1 Activation.png 5 Recharge.png
When ends. When cast, lose crippled and move 33% faster. Enchantment Spell MesmerIll C
Palm Strike.jpg Palm Strike foe 1..4s
    5 Energy.png ¾ Activation.png 7 Recharge.png
hits for 10..54 dmg. Counts as off-Hand attack Elite Skill AssassinCrit F
Black Mantis Thrust.jpg Black Mantis Thrust foe 3...13s
    5 Energy.png 1 Activation.png 6 Recharge.png
if foe is hexed. Hits for +8...18 dmg Lead Attack AssassinDagger F
Leaping Mantis Sting.jpg Leaping Mantis Sting foe 3...13s
    5 Energy.png ½ Activation.png 8 Recharge.png
if hits a moving foe. Hits for +5...13 dmg Lead Attack AssassinDagger F
Crippling Dagger.jpg Crippling Dagger foe 3..13s
    5 Energy.png 1 Activation.png 5 Recharge.png
if moving. Half range. Hits for 15..51 dmg Spell AssassinDeadly F
Mantis Touch.jpg Mantis Touch foe 5..17s
LeadAttack required.png   5 Energy.png ¾ Activation.png 15 Recharge.png
Spell. Counts as off-Hand attack Spell AssassinDeadly F
Caltrops.jpg Caltrops foe and adjacent foes 5..13s
    10 Energy.png ¼ Activation.png 10 Recharge.png
Half range Spell AssassinShadow F
Hidden Caltrops.jpg Hidden Caltrops foe 1...12s
    5 Energy.png 1 Activation.png 12 Recharge.png
When hex ends, target moves slower while hexed Elite Hex Spell AssassinShadow N
Return.jpg Return Ally 3..7s
    5 Energy.png ¼ Activation.png 15 Recharge.png
Adjacent foes crippled and you teleport to target ally's location. Spell AssassinShadow F
Crippling Anthem.jpg Crippling Anthem Party members 5..13s
    4 Adrenaline.png 1 Activation.png  
next party member's attack skill Elite Chant ParagonComm N
Maiming Spear.jpg Maiming Spear Foe 5...17s
    5 Energy.png   5 Recharge.png
Foe must be bleeding Spear Attack ParagonSpear E
Aura of Thorns.jpg Aura of Thorns Nearby foes 3...7s
    5 Energy.png   10 Recharge.png
Gives bleeding, for 30s does nothing, when enchant ends, give crippled Flash Enchantment Spell DervishEarth N
Veil of Thorns.jpg Veil of Thorns attacker 5..13s
    10 Energy.png   15 Recharge.png
whenever hit by attack, attacker becomes crippled Flash Enchantment Spell DervishEarth N
Crippling Sweep.jpg Crippling Sweep foe 3...10s
    5 Energy.png   6 Recharge.png
Deal +3...13 damage if foe is moving Scythe Attack DervishScythe N
Crippling Victory.jpg Crippling Victory Foe 3...7s
    6 Adrenaline.png    
If you have more health then cripple. Does +10...26 damage Scythe Attack DervishScythe E
Grenth's Grasp.jpg Grenth's Grasp target foe 1...9s
    5 Energy.png   10 Recharge.png
Only if wielding a cold weapon; with each attack skill, also transfer 1 condition Elite Flash Enchantment Spell DervishWind N
Harrier's Grasp.jpg Harrier's Grasp target foe 2..8s
    10 Energy.png   15 Recharge.png
when attacking 1..3 moving foes Flash Enchantment Spell DervishWind N
Signet of Pious Restraint.jpg Signet of Pious Restraint foe 5..13s
        1 Activation.png 20 Recharge.png
Lose 1 dervish enchantment, if enchantment lost, recharges 75% faster and cripple foes nearby target Signet DervishWind E

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