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This article is about a part of Guild Wars that has been removed from the game.

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Baron Ulrikar:
"My daughter is missing, and I fear she may have been kidnapped... or worse... by those foul Luxons. I will not stand for this! It is time to drive out the Luxons from Kryta! If you will join our fight, meet us outside the Luxon Settlement. We will stage the attack there."


This quest was among a series of storyline quests that have been available for a short time right before the release of the Factions campaign. Altogether, these quests served to gradually introduce the Canthan continent, its inhabitants and their political turmoils to Tyrian adventurers. They were removed from the game shortly after the release of the new campaign.

The objectives of this particular quest were meeting Baron Ulrikar and the Kurzicks near the Luxon Settlement in North Kryta Province, aligning with the Kurzicks and driving the Luxons out of Kryta. Completion required a complete massacre of the Luxon NPCs in the settlement, after which players would find only the bleached remains of the Luxons where they used to reside.