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A crusher

Crushers are huge machines located inside Sorrow's Furnace mines. They are used by the Stone Summit to crush rocks and other materials for their operations in the mines. As seen in the image, the huge round metal hammer rises up slowly and then falls suddenly with a resounding thud.

In the quest "Cold One," players are required to use the Crushers to pound Frost Golems into ice.

Interacting with Crushers[]

  • Crushers will kill any player who is caught under them instantaneously. This death is without Death Penalty.
  • The Crushers can be used against foes, any enemy caught under them will die immediately, even a boss.
  • Enemies killed by the Crusher will not drop any loot and will not give any XP. As such, it is not wise to use the Crusher when farming.
  • Henchmen are not killed by the Crusher.