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Skill details
Crystal Hibernation
Crystal Hibernation.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Profession None
Attribute Unlinked
Type Skill
    5 Energy.png 5 Activation.png 10 Recharge.png

Full: (monster only) For 20 seconds, Gain +7 Health regeneration. Whenever you would take non-physical damage, gain an equal amount of Health instead.

Concise: (monster only) (20 seconds.) You gain +7 Health regeneration. Converts incoming non-physical damage to healing.



  • The only creature in the game who uses this powerful skill is the dragon Glint. She uses it when her health drops below about 50% and will stop using it when her health drops below approximately 25%.
  • This skill has a rather long activation time and as such is particularly susceptible to interrupts. However, it is not a spell, so only a limited selection of interrupt skills are feasible.