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Verata's Cult follows Verata. Once a promising Ascalon necromancer, Verata turned into a power-hungry wizard fanatically obsessed with undead minions after the Searing. He has established Verata's Cult in the darkest depths of Kryta but the objectives of the cult are unknown at this time.

Verata's Cult can be found in Kessex Peak. They occupy the hill leading to the Wizard's Tower at the southernmost end of the area. It's unclear if Verata has moved there to try and gain access to secrets or powers inside the tower.

Players seeking to confront Verata or other leaders of the cult (they offer some nice skills before they become available from trainers) will have to bring along a strong party. Henchmen will do just fine until the party runs into the cult itself at the very end of the area. Then the difference in level between the henchmen and the cultists (henchmen level 15, cultists level 20 to 24) can take its toll. Being highly skilled at manipulating henchmen is a requirement for successful clearing of these mobs.

Cult Structure[]

Cult Leaders:

Cult Followers: