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  • Speak to Sif in Sifhalla to begin the hunt. (disappears from Quest Log after speaking to Sif)
  • Join Jora and Sif. Get the Volfen Blessing from the Shrine of the Wolf Spirit.
  • Invoke the Volfen Blessing to receive the abilities of the wolf spirit.
  • Track down Svanir, the Nornbear.
  • Use the skill Volfen Bloodlust to follow the scent of the Nornbear.
  • Stay on Svanir's trail.
  • Pursue Svanir. Don't let him escape.
  • Slay Svanir, the Nornbear.

Obtained from

Automatically added to quest log after completing Tracking the Nornbear
After first completion, can be obtained from:


Tracking the Nornbear

Follow up

Flames of the Bear Spirit and Vision of the Raven Spirit (primary quests)
Leader of the Pack


Mode Experience
Norn reputation points
First time Repeats
Normal 2,500 1,000 1001
Hard 1,500 150
  • 1 Only if below rank 8.
  • Unlock Hero Jora


Follow the quest arrow, battling your way through mandragors and jotun. Once you get to the shrine area, there will be several wolves who will turn from ally to foe and start attacking the jotun. After all foes in the area are cleared out, you can click on the Shrine of the Wolf Spirit and equip the Volfen Blessing skill on your skill bar.

If you activate Volfen Blessing and use Volfen Bloodlust. it will make a quest marker appear, indicating Svanir's location. You will have to track him down three times. In the first two fights, he will disappear after taking some damage. The third time, you will fight him to the death. After the cutscene you will be returned to Sifhalla.

The Nornbear will appear when you reach each location regardless of whether you are actually using Volfen Bloodlust or not, so as long as you know where he will appear (locations 2 through 4 on the map), you do not have to activate the shrine at all.

Hard mode[]

When combined with the conditions spammed by other mandragors, the Dreamroot Mandragor's Fevered Dreams makes it by far the most dangerous mob in the mission, so it should be targeted first in the mandragor groups.





Briefing from the Scrying Pool.

Quest Log: "Svanir, the Nornbear, has been sighted in the caves above Drakkar Lake. Help Jora and Sif track down Svanir and kill him."
Get the Volfen Blessing from the Shrine of the Wolf Spirit:
Sif Shadowhunter: "The Nornbear strikes and then vanishes. To catch him, we must invoke the power of the wolf spirit. Travel with me to the Shrine of the Wolf Spirit and receive Wolf's blessing!"
Invoke the Volfen Blessing to receive the abilities of the wolf spirit:
Jora: "Wolf is pleased! The Shrine of the Wolf Spirit imbues you with its aura. This magic does not provide the physical prowess we received from the bear spirit, but it will help in this hunt. Invoke the power and then follow your nose!"
Track down Svanir, the Nornbear:
Jora: "I have come for you. Show yourself, brother!"
Stay on Svanir's trail:
Jora: "Face your fate, Svanir! Your treacherous blood must flow to cleanse our family."
Slay Svanir, the Nornbear:
Jora: "It comes to this, brother. I have no choice."
Nornbear: "Swallow your pathetic excuses and your pity, sister. Your weakness will be your downfall."
Jora: "Forgive me, brother. This is for the best."

Cutscene 1[]

The Nornbear
Jora: "Stand aside. I must finish this."
<party leader>: "Jora, he's defeated."
Jora: "He is my brother. He is my responsibility."
<party leader>: "Jora, you have my sympathy."
Jora: "This was the only way it could end."
Jora: "The curse is lifted. For both me and Svanir, I think."
Jora: "You have helped me. I shall help you."
Ogden Stonehealer: "Good. We need to unite the other Norn to fight the Destroyers."
Jora: "I fear my words will carry little weight. I have my brother's blood on my hands."
Ogden Stonehealer: "If you can't influence the Norn, then who can?"
Jora: "Olaf the sevenfold son of Olaf is esteemed by many. As for me, I must seek Egil, who tells tales by the flame, to fully redeem my family's name."
Ogden Stonehealer: "Olaf it is, then. I need to talk to a Norn leader."
Jora: "Norn do not have leaders, Dwarf. Only heroes."
<party leader>: "Jora, we can aid you and seek out allies. Let us help you with your burdens."
Jora: "You have the spirit of a Norn, human. I am proud to call you friend."


  • The sword that Jora wields in the final cutscene is not the one she was using during the mission.
  • Jora is an ally during this quest, so bringing her as a hero will not rename her to "Norn Warrior," resulting in two Joras onscreen at once.

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