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To customize an item in Guild Wars means to attune an item to a specific character. This makes the item only usable by that specific character (or their heroes). Customized items display the phrase "Customized for ..." in its description when the mouse is hovered over it.

Types of Customization[]

Two types of items can be customized:

  • Armor Customization: Any armor crafted in the game is automatically customized for the purchaser. This is by design and there is no way to avoid it.
  • Weapon Customization: When a weapon is customized, it deals 20% more damage, however no other character can use it.

How to Customize[]

  • Armor: Armor will always be customized.
  • Weapons: Visit any Weapon Crafter; choose the customize tab (if necessary). Select the weapon to customize and press the Customize button. The cost is always 10Gold. (You can also customize the currently equipped weapon.)
    • To customize a weapon for a Hero, transfer the item to the main character, follow the steps above, and return the weapon to the hero.

Restrictions & Consequences of Customization[]

  • Customized weapons may be used by any Hero bound to that character.
  • Customized items may be sold to merchants at prices far below the cost to purchase or craft it.
  • Customized items may be salvaged, allowing you to recover inscriptions, runes, or weapon upgrades.
    • You can do that even if the item is customized for someone else.
  • Customizations cannot be removed. Ever.
  • Customized items cannot be used by any other character, even those on the same account.
  • Putting a customized item in storage, deleting the character, and then making another otherwise identical character does not let you use the customized item with the new character.

Recommendations for Using Customized Items[]

  • Do customize a weapon your character will use for a long time especially when weapons do most of their damage, e.g. for warriors, assassins, paragons, dervishes, and rangers.
  • Do not customize a weapon you plan to sell: it has no extra value to a merchant and no value at all to another player.
  • Do salvage upgrade components from custom items before you sell them; you can re-apply the upgrades to your new weapon or armor.
  • Do not buy customized items for your own use; you can't use them, no matter what the seller tells you. See →Scam.