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Map of the D'Alessio Arena.

Location: Lion's Arch
Entry via: Random Arenas/Codex Arena, Zaishen Elite/Zaishen Challenge. Max. Level: 20
Team Size: 4


Poison. To the east of the island is a large pool of poison. Characters within this pool suffer 4 health degeneration (8 health each second). Some longer fights are eventuallly led to this pool to speed things up.


Bridge: In the middle of the map is a bridge which leads to the pool of poison. Trappers usually put traps on or under the bridge because of the small area and greater chance of activating the traps.


  1. Some teams will go onto the bridge through the poison so the opposing team will go through it after your team is already cured of conditions.
  2. Some teams will fight under or over the bridge, to force the opponent to group together if your team has AoE damage skills.
  3. Monks using Return can run onto the bridge when being pressured by melee and then "return" to an ally below the bridge.


  1. This arena used to be accessable from Team Arenas as well.
  2. The island to the northwest of the arena used to be the waiting zone for the old Competition Arenas