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An Assassin wielding a pair of Dirks

The Dagger is a melee weapon for the Assassin profession.

Daggers always come in pairs. You cannot wield a dagger in one hand while holding a shield or focus in the other hand. The Guild Wars game mechanics treat a pair of daggers like a single two-handed weapon (similar to a bow, hammer, scythe or a staff).

The Assassin's Dagger Mastery attribute improves damage dealt by daggers and linked skills, and is often a requirement for this weapon type. Equipping a pair of daggers is required to perform dagger attack skills.

Dagger attack skills must be performed in a certain order: typically, Lead AttackOff-Hand AttackDual Attack. However, there are some exceptions. See Assassin and Assassin attack chain quick reference for details.

The Dagger throwing skills in the Deadly Arts attribute do not require Daggers to be equipped.

Damage stats[]

  • The maximum damage range for daggers is 7-17. The minimum damage range is 1-3.
  • There are piercing and slashing daggers available.
  • All Daggers have an inherent 2% chance to double strike. This chance stacks with Dagger Mastery.
  • Daggers hit in combat every 1.33 seconds. Dagger Mastery of 16 increases the "average attack speed" to 0.99 seconds due to the double strikes that trigger at higher probability.
  • Daggers with maximum damage have been observed with attribute requirements as low as 7. Daggers with attribute requirements of 0 have been observed with damage ranges as high as 4-7.

Upgrades and modifiers[]

Daggers can be upgraded with dagger tangs (name prefix) and/or dagger handles (name suffix) to add extra bonuses to the weapon. Inscriptions may also be applied.

Zealous and vampiric tangs are some of the most sought after for their benefits during combat situations. Paired with a dagger's rapid attack speed, this can give an assassin a considerable energy or health surplus. Whenever the character is not fighting these weapons should be swapped for another set to prevent them depleting energy or health reserves.

Dagger types[]

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