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Dakutu Village
Dakutu Village
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Landmark
Part of: Talmark Wilderness
Location of Dakutu Village

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Note: This landmark is part of a larger zone; to reach it, enter the zone and walk there.

Dakutu Village is a very small village in the southwestern corner of the Talmark Wilderness, composed of one large building, a pig-pen and a few NPCs. It is a welcome stopping point for weary travelers from Kryta heading to the Maguuma Jungle.

The very small village has been greatly enlarged by an encampment of Shining Blades, including many important leaders (NPCs encountered at various points/times in the Prophecies campaign and even a bit of Eye of the North campaign).




Rare Material Crafter

War in Kryta Dialogues[]

Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of the PvE campaign.

The following dialogues play, one at a time, when you approach the Shining Blade camp. Rezoning (the most convenient portal is Tears of the Fallen) will allow the next dialogue to play.

Bug.png Bug! If anyone in the party has heard the dialog it will not play for those who have not heard it.

Dialogue #1[]

Introduced with April 8, 2010 Update
Shining Blade Scout: "Your Highness! Your Highness!"
Shining Blade Scout: "Forgive me, but I have urgent news."
Princess Salma: "Someone get this man some water! Please, catch your breath and tell me this urgent news."
Shining Blade Scout: "Brigands hit Nebo Terrace again last night."
Princess Salma: "Casualties?"
Shining Blade Scout: "Sadly yes, just one: the artisan's wife."
Princess Salma: "Oh no, not Nora. Poor Etham must be devastated. They just had their second child. A girl, I believe."
Princess Salma: "Thank you, Scout. And would you mind delivering a letter to the Elder of Nebo Terrace? Once you've rested and had a hot meal, of course."
Shining Blade Scout: "It would be a pleasure, my lady."

Dialogue #2[]

Introduced with April 15, 2010 Update
Master Scout Braden: "Your Highness, I have just received reports of additional bandit attacks."
Princess Salma: "Where have they struck? Is there anything we can do to assist the settlements that were attacked?"
Master Scout Braden: "Beetletun was hit last night and the Ascalon settlement in the early morning."
Bartholos: "We must send soldiers to protect these villages. We cannot sit idly by while the White Mantle's "Peacekeepers" run rampant through Kryta!"
Evennia: "Marching Shining Blade troops into these villages would be a grave mistake. The Mantle would simply point to our presence as proof of the villagers' treason and burn their homes to the ground once we left!"
Princess Salma: "Evennia speaks the truth. As much as it pains me to avoid battle, we are not ready for a direct confrontation with the Mantle. We must continue to lend aid to the citizens of Kryta, but with discretion."
Bartholos: "I do not like watching as my countrymen suffer at the hands of these vermin, but I will do as you advise."
Princess Salma: "Have patience, Bartholos. The time will come when we can step from the shadows to face the Mantle directly."
Princess Salma: "Until then, we must build our strength and strike at our enemies with stealth and audacity."
Bartholos: "Yes, Your Highness. Gods willing, that day will come soon, but there must be something more that we can do now to help our people."
Livia: "There is. There is always more that can be done."
Evennia: "Have you a suggestion, Livia? Or is that statement merely philosophical?"
Livia: "We have many allies, yet few do I see here. Send out the call that Kryta is in her hour of need. It is time to find out who is truly our ally in actions as well as words."
Evennia: "Now that is a suggestion and I agree. It is time, your Highness."
Princess Salma: "Agreed. Then the question becomes, who do we send and where do we send them?"
Evennia: "The Dwarves are in no position to give us aide[sic] and Ascalon is still under siege."
Bartholos: "Not to mention Adlebern[sic]'s abject hatred of anything Krytan. But, there are the asura to the south and the Ebon Vanguard in the far north. We have allies among both."
Princess Salma: "Asuran magic and the Ebon Vanguard's tactical skills behind enemy lines are renowned throughout Tyria. Their assistance could tip the scales in our favor."
Princess Salma: "Livia, you have much experience with the Asura, if I remember correctly. You will make for Rata Sum with haste."
Princess Salma: "Evennia, you have enjoyed fruitful relationship with the Ascalonians in the past. Perhaps the Ebon Vanguard will be more receptive to our cause than King Adlebern[sic]."
Evennia: "The Asura Gate beneath Lion's Arch leads right to the Eye of the North. A boat from Fisherman's Haven should allow me to travel there without attracting the attention of the Mantle."
Princess Salma: "Good luck to you both. May Dwayna protect you on your journey."

Dialogue #3[]

Introduced with April 15, 2010 Update
Shining Blade Scout: "Sir, the latest batch of recruits has arrived and they await your orders."
Gareth Quickblade: "Have they been adequately screened? We cannot risk spies infiltrating the camp."'
Shining Blade Scout: "Two of them are brothers from Shaemoor who check out. Another is a widow who is acting far too angry at the Mantle to be faking it..."
Gareth Quickblade: "Any others?"
Shining Blade Scout: "Yes, one, but uhh... well."
Saphir: "Out with it, soldier!""
Shining Blade Scout: "He was a member of the White Mantle. He claims he was banished when he refused to assist with sacrificing the Chosen."
Shining Blade Scout: "His story checked out with our spies within the White Mantle..."
Gareth Quickblade: "Bring the brothers and the widow into the camp. Turn the other away. We simply cannot risk having former Mantle within our ranks."
Saphir: "Don't be so hasty, Gareth. Half of our recruits once served the Mantle in some capacity. We cannot hope to win this war if we turn down willing soldiers."
Gareth Quickblade: "Very well, Saphir, but I expect you to take personal responsibility for his conduct."
Saphir: "And the second I see him acting suspicious I will personally send him to the bottom of the Sea of Sorrows."
Gareth Quickblade: "Very well. Lead the recruits to the training yard for orientation with Sorim."

Dialogue #4[]

Prerequisite is having viewed the Trial of Zinn.

Introduced with May 6, 2010 Update
Bartholos: "Back so soon, Livia? I don't see how you could have been to Rata Sum already, and yet you've brought some..."
Livia: "Prisoners. These three were skulking around in the wilderness."
Princess Salma: "Prisoners? I asked you to form an alliance with the asura."
Livia: "You asked me to use my expertise with the Asura. An army of these creatures would be nothing but trouble. No, these two are exactly what we need: talented golemancers, the famous Zinn and his partner Blimm."
Bartholos: "Did you say Zinn!? Creator of R.O.X.? Livia, this asura was responsible for an assassination attempt against the Princess."
Blimm: "Great, another trial. Come, let's be partners, he said. He didn't mention more trials. Didn't mention anything like that."
Livia: "Quiet. There'll be no trial. You're not here to be punished or judged. You're here to help us."
Zinn: "Aha! Your precipitious actions become clear. I am the preeminent golemancer of this or any time, and Blimm - conversationally-challenged though he might be - is quite the savant himself."
Zinn: "Who here is authorized to negotiate terms for our services?"
Livia: "This isn't a negotiation. The terms are that I let you live."
Zinn: "Are you threatening us?"
Livia: "It's not a threat. It's reality. You're either our ally or our enemy. There's no middle ground."
Livia: "Besides, you'll enjoy this project. We need a weapon to defeat the Mursaat. The magic they perform is beyond anything humans have even imagined."
Zinn: "Intriguing. Possibly worthy of my talents. I may take on this project, but not because of your threats. Because it is interesting."
Livia: "Just so long as you do it. Alari, show our guests to a spot where they can settle in. If they make any sudden moves, kill them."
Princess Salma: "I am not certain I approve your methods Livia, but I see the wisdom in this plan. Still, whatever experiments must be carried out, they cannot be here."
Princess Salma: "I remember what you told me about Asuran experiments. Should the commotion draw attention, it would lead the Mantle right to our main force."
Livia: "No, of course not. That is why you will be a great queen. That is why the people will love you. Leave the dirty work to me."
Livia: "Bartolos[sic], are the people near Shaemoor still loyal to our cause? We could establish a laboratory near the old crypts, along those back paths we took when we raided Mantle patrols."
Bartholos: "Yes, good idea. You'd be isolated enough for safety, and the locals could be counted on to keep the White Mantle from finding you. We have many friends there."
Livia: "ZINN! BLIMM! New plan. We're on the move again. We're building you a laboratory where you won't have any distractions."
Zinn: "Excellent. The best workshops are away from all the rabble. A genius needs his space."
Blimm: "Finally, a place to have a lab... a proper lab of my own. Our own. My own."