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  1. Defeat the Emissary of Dhuum and close the gateway to the Jahai Bluffs.
  2. See Neersi for your reward.

Obtained from

Neersi in the Gate of Torment


Drink of the Gods



"Ahai, <name>. I have just received grave news. Servants of the fallen god Dhuum have been working with Abaddon's minions for some time. But the servants of Dhuum have recently been seen near a strange tomb in Nightfallen Jahai. If you've been out there, you know Nightfallen Jahai is rapidly changing to resemble it's [sic] counterpart in Elona. As the planes grow closer together it will become possible to open portals between the worlds and cause the real Jahai to fall into night. I fear the history of dark magic associated with this tomb will allow the Avatar of Dhuum to open such a portal to the Jahai Bluffs and stage an invasion. Someone must journey to the tomb and put a stop to this invasion."
Accept: "This definitely bears investigation."
Reject: "I still have nightmares of my first trip through the Jahai Bluffs."

Reward Dialogue

"Well done, <name>. That's one less fallen god Elona must worry about. But, I fear the battle that still lies ahead of you will be quite a bit harder. Perhaps this will help in your quest to defeat Abaddon."


The Emissary of Dhuum is a short trip northeast of the Gate of the Nightfallen Lands. He appears to be alone and an easy target, but don't be fooled. If you approach to melee range, large groups of demons appear. Fortunately they are closely grouped and so AoE attacks work well. Use party-wide protection spells and chants and have fighters keep the groups of enemies penned in and away from the caster backline. Note, you only have to kill the Emissary to complete the quest, so the entire party can focus on him to quickly take him down and map out without having to fight the other spawns.

Another option is to simply bring a longbow or flatbow and kill the Emissary at range. Use poison or other degeneration to speed the process up. Keep your group flagged back so they don't aggro the mob. The Emissary will not even move as you kill it.

You can also easily pull the Emissary away before the group spawns. Flag you henchmen and heroes back, lure him away with a ranged weapon, and run back to your group. You will have plenty of time to get out of aggro range before the mob spawns.


Alternate Quest Path