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Darkrime Delves
Darkrime Delves.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Region Depths of Tyria
Levels 3
Dungeon quest The Misanthropic Jotun Principle
Reward chest Havok's Chest
Map area n/a
Neighbors Bjora Marches
Services Collector
Darkrime Delves map.jpg


Darkrime Delves is a 3 level dungeon in the Far Shiverpeaks. It is located at the northern edge of the Bjora Marches. To fully explore this dungeon you have to take the quest The Misanthropic Jotun Principle from Einarr Frostcleft.



Location of Darkrime Delves



Boss-like foes[]



Unique items
(Exclusive to this chest)
Gold Items
(Exclusive to this chest)
Other Gold Items Rare Materials Other Items
Warrior Havok's Maul
Warrior Havok's Shield
Dervish The Soulwailer
Cobalt Staff
Demon Tongue Scythe
Stygian Reaver
Violet Edge
Polymock Piece: Naga Shaman Diamond
Onyx Gemstone
  • Completing this dungeon for the first time awards each player 1500 Norn reputation points (2250 in Hard Mode). (Subsequent completions award half the points.)


  • Kolgrim Bainwight and Einarr Frostcleft will accompany you on the trip, but they are not allies and will not aid you in battle.
  • To save time receiving the quest reward, wait out the next mission timer; when it expires, you will be taken directly to Einarr in Bjora Marches.
  • The Jotun frequently use Giant Stomp, so Knockdown-protection skills are helpful, e.g. Ward of Stability or "Don't Trip!". Alternatively, Earthbind will cause the Jotun to knock each other down, leveling the playing field for the party.
  • All of the bosses (including Havok) are Warriors, so anti-melee skills are especially helpful. Clumsiness and Blindness are particularly helpful here.
  • There are relatively few melee-oriented foes in this dungeon; on the other hand, the many groups of Vaettir, Dryders and spellcasting Jotun make extensive hex removal advisable.
  • The Jotun will fight with a number of the other foes (especially the Stone Summit), with the giants emerging victorious nearly all the time. You can wait out these battles (facing a weakened foe) or join in (for the extra experience and drops).
  • Be careful not to rush: on the first level, Vaettir pop-up frequently; on the first two levels, the unwary could get smashed by various boulders rolling around; and on the third level, watch out for falling snow.
  • The dungeon bosses on level 2 (Grelk Icelash) and level 3 (Havok himself) are surrounded by a dozen or so Jotun allies. The allies can be easily pulled. (It is possible to pull the bosses, but, as it is much more difficult, might not be worth the time.)
  • The first level includes two walkways, one of which must be crossed to reach one of the level's keys. However, only one of the two will be lowered when you enter the dungeon. Try the southern route first (as it is somewhat shorter); if that bridge is unavailable, head north (as shown on the walkthrough map).
  • The dungeon key which appears to be behind an impassable wall to the south of the lower walkway (on level 1) can be reached from a path from the upper walkway (cross the upper walkway and turn south just after the resurrection shrine). Despite all the dwarven powder kegs in this area you can not blow through the wall to get it.
Bug.png Bug! The second level boss, Grelk Icelash, does not spawn on rare occasions. Since he holds the level's boss key, the party will not be able to reach level 3. Resign and re-enter the dungeon.

Light of Deldrimor[]

The secret area on level 3

Type Location Notes
Level 1
Dwarven Ghost Next to Area Map location
Hidden Treasure Across metal bridge, between blue Dungeon Gates
Hidden Treasure Across metal bridge, beyond northenmost of the two Dungeon Locks
Hidden Treasure North of the northenmost of two blue Dungeon Gates
Hidden Treasure South of entrance to L2
Level 2
Dwarven Ghost Near the Area Map, in front of the broken Asura Gate
Hidden Treasure Past the Area Map, north of the ridge area location
Hidden Treasure x2 Next to entrance of second frozen zone location
Level 3
Dwarven Ghost Next to Area Map (northeast part of room)
Hidden Treasure Just outside entrance to Havok's room location
Hidden Treasure Near the switch location
Hidden Treasure Near Havok initial location
Hidden Treasure In Havok's room, in the northwest corner
Secret Switch Southernmost room
Triggering the switch allows access to a room with four more Hidden Treasures and one more Dwarven Ghost

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