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  1. Clear the Jade Brotherhood out of Seitung Harbor.
  2. See Guardsman Qao Lin for your reward.

Obtained from

Guardsman Qao Lin in Kaineng City


A Favor Returned



Good timing. I've gotten wind of something that the Jade Brotherhood has been up to, and I find it worrisome. They've had several ships coming in to Seitung Harbor, which is unusual for them. I can only imagine that they're trying to get something in without either the Imperial Guard or the Ministry of Purity noticing. Even the optimist in me can't find anything good in that.
Whatever they're up to, we need to stop them. I can make preparations for your travel posthaste, just let me know as soon as you're ready.
Accept: Whatever they think they're hiding, it won't get by me.
Reject: Maybe they're just interested in some recreational sailing?
When asked about quest: Whatever the Jade Brotherhood is up to, I know two things for certain: It isn't good, and it needs to be stopped. Are you ready to go?

Intermediate Dialogue 1

Jade Brotherhood Demolitionist: We've been spotted! Demolitionists, keep planting those explosives. If they try to stop you, you know what to do!
<party leader>: Demolitionists? They're trying to destroy the harbor! We need to stop them!

Intermediate Dialogue 2 (upon reaching the shore)

Miku: Here I was looking for Jinnai, and instead I find you... getting into trouble again! Let me lend you a hand!

Intermediate Dialogue 3 (after clearing out the Jade Brotherhood)

Miku: That appears to be the last of them. Are you unharmed?
<party leader>: I'm fine. Fighting the Jade Brotherhood is nothing new for me. How has your search gone?
Miku: Heh. I search for answers, and find only more questions. Jinnai is gone. No one knows where, or what has happened to him. And that tells me one thing for certain: what he knows is dangerous.
Miku: If he has fled, then I need to find him before Reiko does. I will continue my search. Will you be alright on your own?
<party leader>: I can handle myself, don't worry about that. You take care of Jinnai. I'm going to try and put a stop to the aggression between the gangs and the Ministry of Purity.
Miku: A show-off, huh? I think you and I are going to work together just fine. Heh! Good luck out there, friend.

Reward Dialogue

Trying to smuggle in explosives? This is quickly getting out of hand. Every time I think we're putting out a fire, it seems that we're just adding fuel to start several more. I don't know what it's going to take to end this, but for now, we just have to do the best that we can. That's really all we can do. I refuse to give up faith, and I truly believe that we can make things better.


Trading Blows
Family Matters


You will be transported to an instance of Seitung Harbor. Proceed with caution, pulling one group at a time. In addition, watch out for the Demolitionists. These can and should be pulled separately and interrupted when they try to use their Jade Brotherhood Bomb skill, as it does significant damage (similar to Shockwave). Clever use of minions or spirits can help prevent the Demolitionist from reaching your group, though pulling and interrupting is likely more reliable. The mission is not otherwise particularly difficult and the terrain can be used to your advantage to pull and bunch up foes to maximize the ease of defeating them with AoE skills.