Death With Honor

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Overview[edit | edit source]

Location of Yorrt Strongjaw


  1. Find a group of enemies that can grant Yorrt Strongjaw death with honor.
  2. Take Yorrt Strongjaw's club to his son Trrok.
  3. See Trrok Strongjaw for your reward.

Obtained from

Yorrt Strongjaw in Jaya Bluffs.


Factions Character



"Stupid human! Yorrt Strongjaw was to die in battle. Tengu was worthy foe. Yorrt Strongjaw is old Yeti. Yeti die of old age, no honor. Family scorned. Shunned. Tengu would have given Yorrt Strongjaw death with honor. Yorrt Strongjaw could kill you, but no honor come from killing puny human. Still...maybe human not so stupid? Maybe human help Yorrt Strongjaw? Find Yorrt Strongjaw brave Tengu warriors. Enemies worthy of Yeti. Yorrt Strongjaw face them and kill them. Do this, and human get reward from Trrok Strongjaw, son of Yorrt. When Yorrt Strongjaw dies with honor, take club. Strongjaw Clan will not attack human that carry club of Yorrt Strongjaw. What say human?"

Reward Dialogue

"Human carry club of Yorrt Strongjaw. Trrok Strongjaw see feathers and Tengu blood on club... Trrok Strongjaw can see Yorrt Strongjaw died with honor. Human honors Strongjaw clan by returning club of Yorrt Stongjaw. Human take this offering, and go. Trrok Strongjaw thanks human, but human should not think human and Trrok Strongjaw friends. Next time Trrok Strongjaw meet human, Trrok Strongjaw give human death with honor."

Note: This quest is not available if you do The Rite of Valor from Gull Hookbeak.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Take Yorrt Strongjaw over to the group of Sensali with Crow Razorbeak to the south-west and let them kill him. Then pick up his club and return it to his son, Trrok Strongjaw, east of where you met Yorrt.

Note[edit | edit source]

This quest is not available if you complete The Rite of Valor. Both quests produce the same reward.

There is a mistake in this quest's description from Yorrt Strongjaw - he says 'Yorrt Strongjaw face them and kill them.', when in fact he wishes to be killed by them, not the other way round. Typical Yeti Pride.

Bug.png Bug! Yorrt Strongjaw will sometimes get "stuck" standing about 20 feet from the Sensali that are intended to kill him. One possible way to avoid the bug is to clear the area of all groups except the one intended to kill him before talking to him. You can then avoid the area where he gets stuck by leading him over the bridge and around the longer way to the group requested by the quest.