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  1. Destroy the Deathbringer Company.
  2. See Voice of Whispers for your reward.

Obtained from

Voice of Whispers in the Ravenheart Gloom


The Rifts Between Us



"Welcome back, <name>. Take a knee. My troops have encountered a particularly nasty group of demons they dubbed the "Deathbringer Company." They have been sighted in the area and have decimated several of my patrols. In our present state we haven't the strength to stand against them. Perhaps you do."
Accept: "We will bring death upon these demons."
Reject: "How come you never run into demons called the Piebringers?"

Reward Dialogue

"With the Deathbringers... dead... little stands in our way. Our victory is all but assured thanks your efforts. Take a break, you've earned it."


The Deathbringer Company will appear northwest of where the party took the quest. They are a regular Tormentor group and if the party has reached this point they should be comfortable disposing of them. There is one patrol that roams near where they spawn so just watch out for them.

Upon accepting the quest reward, The Greater Darkness will spawn near the center of the area for those interested in completing the Mallyx the Unyielding quest. He will seem to be alone, but if someone approaches him, he will spawn two or more of The Darknesses. After all three are killed, an additional five Darknesses will spawn at the place the Greater Darkness died, as soon as a player gets near that point. As each of those Darknesses dies, they will spawn a group of six Earth Tormentors.

After The Greater Darkness and his minions are slain, a Ravenheart Chest will appear, which offers Torment Gemstones for all party members. Also, the path into The Foundry of Failed Creations will be opened.


Bug.png Bug! Sometimes the enemies do not spawn.