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Quest path


  1. Travel to Fort Aspenwood and speak to Master Architect Gunther.

Obtained from

Count zu Heltzer in House zu Heltzer



"If you really wish to help the Great Houses, <name>, then travel to Fort Aspenwood. Master Architect Gunther is building a secret weapon there known as the Gods' Vengeance. Despite our best efforts to keep knowledge of this weapon from our enemy, it appears the Luxons have discovered our plans. Word has reached us that one of their great leviathans was sighted traveling to Fort Aspenwood with the intent of destroying Gunther's weapon.
Please, head to Fort Aspenwood immediately and speak with Master Architect Gunther when you arrive."
Accept: "Fort Aspenwood will never fall!"
Reject: "It's a lost cause."
When asked about quest: "Really, this seems a rather inappropriate time to make small talk. Master Architect Gunther is in Fort Aspenwood, and he needs your help!"

Reward Dialogue

"Count zu Heltzer sent you. Well, we can definitely use the extra help. Thank you for coming."


From House zu Helzter, travel into Ferndale and keep north until you reach the Aspenwood Gate (Kurzick) portal, then enter Fort Aspenwood (Kurzick) and talk to Master Architect Gunther.