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  1. Destroy the Shadow Army Invader. You have 12...0 groups left.
  2. The Crafter must survive.
  3. Return to Eternal Forgemaster for your reward.

Obtained from

Eternal Forgemaster in The Fissure of Woe


The Eternal Forgemaster


10,000 XP


"Menzies, Lord of Destruction, will not rest while we hold the Temple of War. There can be no doubt he will launch a new attack very soon. Balthazar will send new Temple Guards shortly. In the meantime, will you remain and fight the next wave of Shadow Army Invaders?"
Accept: "I will protect the Temple!"
Reject: "I am not ready."

Reward Dialogue

"Behold, new Temple Guardians have arrived. Balthazar will not forget how you helped safeguard the Temple of War in its time of need."


Restore the Temple of War
Khobay the Betrayer
Tower of Strength


Immediately after you accept this quest two large groups of shadow creatures will spawn at the entrances to the temple, trapping you inside. They will start attacking the center platform soon. At first they will come as pairs of Shadow Beasts. Then, they will come as pairs of Abyssals.

Make sure the Forgemaster survives. If the attackers are allowed to get near him, he will engage in the fighting. While he can take some heavy damage, he is not listed as an ally in your party, so ensure that a healer watches his health.


  • The Eternal Forgemaster must survive, as if he dies your party will be immediately forced to leave the Fissure.
  • Finishing the Restore the Temple of War quest will enable you to craft Fissure Armor.