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The Dwarven Settlement in the Deldrimor Bowl

Deldrimor is the name of the kingdom of Dwarves established over the Shiverpeak Mountains. It shares borders with Ascalon to the east and Kryta to the west. Since the beginning of the history of the Dwarves in Tyria, they have been united under the kingdom of Deldrimor. The capital of the kingdom is Thunderhead Keep and the current king is King Jalis Ironhammer.

Deldrimor as a nation is friendly to humans and other intelligent races. Trade relations and political alliances have existed between the dwarven race and the human race for centuries. Those ties remain, though of late, less hospitable Dwarves who resent humans (and all non-Dwarven races) have formed a guild named the Stone Summit and have displayed their opposition to the Deldrimor Dwarves through acts of violence. King Jalis is trying to avoid a civil war, but is also making a firm stand for his people against these usurpers.

The Dwarves of Deldrimor are master smiths and miners and their forges make the finest armors in Tyria.

The Deldrimor also have a presence in the Depths of Tyria, and play a major role in Eye of the North.

Some believe that the Deldrimor Dwarves once inhabited Cantha. Artifacts believed to be of Dwarven origin have been found in the jade mines in the solidified Jade Sea. Scholars in Cantha believe that the Aurios Mines were first dug by the Deldrimor Dwarves.

The Deldrimor worship the Great Dwarf, Dwayna, and Grenth.

Deldrimor skills[]

The Deldrimor teach PvE-only skills in Guild Wars Eye of the North. The following skills are available:


Region Type
Northern Shiverpeaks Warrior10 Dwarven Soldier
Ranger10 Dwarven Scout
Southern Shiverpeaks Warrior10, 20 Dwarven Soldier
Ranger20 Dwarven Archer
Ranger10, 20 Dwarven Scout
Monk10, 20 Dwarven Mender
Mesmer10, 20 Dwarven Sage
Eye of the North
Depths of Tyria Warrior24 Dwarven Soldier
Ranger24 Dwarven Scout
Necromancer24 Dwarven Necromancer
Monk24 Dwarven Mender
Mesmer24 Dwarven Sage