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Denravi Sword
HoD Sword.jpg
Weapon details
Linked attribute(s): Swordsmanship
Damage type(s): Slashing damage

The Denravi Sword, also known as the HoD Sword, was a craftable Long Sword (though it had a Short Sword skin) at the Henge of Denravi shortly after launch of the original game. This sword was removed from the crafter in one of the game's many updates. The key feature of this weapon was the innate +5 energy mod, which was, at the time, unique among all weapons in the game. After the sword was removed, these weapons became highly sought after, primarily by Monk and Necromancer farmers (for the extra energy and ability to apply of Enchanting mods to them).

New Campaigns, as well as small updates to the Prophecies campaign, introduced many ways to acquire and create different weapons with a +5 energy mod, which caused the sharp decline in the value of the Denravi Sword.

PvP characters are now able to freely create +5 energy weapons using "I have the power!" inscription.

Sources of one-hand weapon with +5 energy modifier:

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