Depths of Tyria

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Depths of Tyria
Depths of Tyria.jpg
Basic Info
Campaign: Eye of the North
Type: Region
Part of: Tyria (World)
Charr Homelands,
Far Shiverpeaks,
Kaineng City,
Tarnished Coast

The Depths of Tyria are a network of caves which run underneath and between the three known continents of the world of Tyria. They are known to be inhabited by Deldrimor Dwarves and Asura. The Depths of Tyria were first hinted at by Moleneaux, and will be entered in act 1 of Guild Wars Eye of the North.

The Depths of Tyria include 18 subterranean "dungeons".

Screenshots of the Depths of Tyria feature architecture resembling Ascalon's Catacombs and the Kurzick architecture (as well as the architecture of unknown origin in Altrumm Ruins and Urgoz's Warren). The Depths of Tyria also include skull-shaped stone structures similar to those in the Ring of Fire Islands, the Fissure of Woe and the Gate of Torment.

Outposts[edit | edit source]

Explorable areas[edit | edit source]

Dungeons[edit | edit source]

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