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Desert Wurm
Desert wurm2.jpg
Species: Wurm
Profession: Warrior Warrior-icon.png
Level(s): 28 (30)


These are the giant wurms of the Desolation. They also knockdown the party upon first attack and have powerful melee attacks and very high armor. They almost always appear upon the sulfur-coated areas of the Desolation, meaning that it is difficult to find them unless you are inside your own ridable Wurm. This allows for amusing (but long-lived) Wurm fights.


Items dropped[]


  • During the battle, the Wurm dives beneath the sulfur for a few seconds, which is just enough time for Junundu Wail to heal your Junundu. Your target-lock on the Wurm will automatically re-engage when the Wurm reappears.
  • Like most Wurms, these creatures tend to pop in and out of the ground at will. If the player is not inside their Junundu Wurm, they will be knocked down. They also knock down on all critical hits.
  • Their attack damage is much higher than the Sand Wurm found on the Tyrian side of the Crystal Desert, capable of dealing nearly 400 damage to a 60 AL target, which is nearly 3 times the damage dealt by the Tyrian Sand Wurms. They have much more health, armor and health regeneration than the Tyrian counterparts.
  • They are a major threat to the ridable Junundu race of wurms. They take very little damage from Junundu's damage skills, including Junundu Siege, while dealing over 300 damage to Junundus per attack.