1. Kill the harpy leader, Render, in the Forum Highlands.
  2. Exterminate the heket commander, Harrk Facestab, in the Forum Highlands.
  3. See Kamveh for your reward.

Obtained from

Kamveh in Forum Highlands



"Greetings, <name>. I have a situation that requires you attention. In the past, merchants stopped here as they traveled through Vabbi. They sold us all manner of goods that sustained our people, but they have since stopped coming. The hostilities between the skree harpies and heket have been long boiling, but it's gotten out of hand and is affecting our village. It's a simple job. Find the leaders of these two warring tribes and eliminate them. Of course we are prepared to pay you for your trouble."
Accept: "You know how much I love killing things...."
Reject: "Sounds fun, but no thanks."

Reward Dialogue

"Thank you so much. With those leaderless beasts regrouping, the merchants won't have to worry about their safety. They will surely return and our people will no longer go hungry subsist without amenities. We are grateful."


The quest marker will indicate the location of each boss in turn. There are two ways to approach this quest, you can either carefully pull small numbers of creatures at a time (wait for a manageable sized mob to separate) to slowly cull the numbers down until you can get to the boss. Alternatively, you can start a war. Load up on run buffs and drag the harpies and heket together, then watch as they duke it out, then clean up any leftovers.


  • Do not rezone out after killing one boss. You have to do the entire quest in one go; exiting will force you to restart the whole thing.
  • When attacking the heket, if you can lure some near the Vabbian Guards patrolling nearby, they may be able to assist you.
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