1. Destroy the renegade slave spirits before they can harm the spirit of Primeval King Jahnus.
  2. See Primeval King Jahnus for your reward.

Obtained from

Primeval King Jahnus in The Shattered Ravines



"The ungrateful wretches! My slaves don´t see what an honor it would have been to be buried alive in my tomb with me! Instead they abandoned my funeral procession and ran off, leaving me here. The imbeciles ran right into the sulfur pits where their skin melted off their bones!
For an eternity, I have graciously allowed them to exist, but now they are plotting my demise. They destroyed my afterlife by trapping me in this filthy hole and yet they are out there planning revenge for the wrongs they think I have done them! They come for me now, < player´s name >. Will you fight beside me and destroy these traitorous spirit slaves?"
Accept: "My liege, the traitors will pay!"
Reject: "I´m supposed to care about a slave owner? Cry me a river, Jahnus."

Reward Dialogue

You have served me well. Let it never be said that King Jahnus does not reward those loyal to him.


After you accept the quest a group of 8 Slave Spirits will spawn to the north and attack the King. After you have slain this group, two more groups will spawn; one from the north and one from the south. Each group again consists of 8 Slave Spirits. Both of these groups have a wave of reinforcements that spawn on the same side once you kill the group, bringing the total to 5 waves of 8 spirits apiece, or 40 spirits in all. Each of the groups consists of a random allotment of either male Warriors or female Monks.


  • When you first speak to King Jahnus, you can either take this quest or Refuse the King. Both of these quests have the same reward.
  • Refuse the King is slightly easier and shorter.
  • This quest is popular for farming Dead Swords.
  • Even though Dead Sword farming was nerfed, this quest is still good for quick, easy XP for any needing more skill points for Signets of Capture (Combine with scroll of Adventurer's Insight)...
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