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Zcoins.png This article has an associated Zaishen Challenge Quest.


  • Speak to Jalis Ironhammer when you are ready to face this evil. (disappears from Quest Log after speaking to Jalis)
  • Find and reclaim the Central Transfer Chamber.
  • Take command of the golems and find the missing Asuran patrol.
  • Rendezvous with the Ebon Vanguard.
  • Clear a path into the depths with the Ebon Vanguard.
  • Continue deeper into the caverns.
  • Fight beside the Norn as they hold off the Destroyers.
  • Travel to the Central Transfer Chamber via the Asura Gate.
  • Clear the Central Transfer Chamber of Destroyers.

Obtained from

Automatically added upon completing Heart of the Shiverpeaks
After first completion, can be obtained from:


Heart of the Shiverpeaks (quest)

Follow up

A Time for Heroes


Mode Experience
Dwarven reputation points
First time Repeats
Normal 2,500 3,000 3001
Hard 4,500 450
  • 1 Only if below rank 8.


Speak to Jalis Ironhammer to be transported into Destruction's Depths.

On each level of this quest, you will find three deactivated G.O.L.E.M. 2.0s. Activating them costs 15 energy each. They can be switched between three combat modes: Melee, Ranged, and Defense. They will follow whoever activated them or last changed their combat mode, although "follow" is a bit inaccurate - they will actually stand about half an aggro bubble in front of you when not moving. If their health is depleted, they will not be destroyed, but will simply shut down; they can be reactivated for another 15 energy.

Level 1[]

This level is fairly straightforward, just follow the quest markers to meet up with the Asuran and Ebon Vanguard forces. The final chamber will be filled with destroyers and Vanguard Warriors fighting each other. It is much better to hang back and let the Vanguard Warriors die, then carefully pull the Destroyers, rather than charge in and get wiped out. In the final area, while it is possible to pull out the destroyer mobs and eventually kill them all, it's much easier to simply run through them all to the portal. You may need to clear some before running past the rest, in order not to get killed on the way by. Any sort of running skill is useful for completing the run to the gate.

Bug.png Bug! The Vanguard Warriors in the final chamber will actually become hostile if you kill the three Destroyers of Lives there.

Level 2[]

The dryders on this level will fight the destroyers, so let them finish each other off wherever possible before moving in. Follow the marker to meet up with the Norn forces. Once you arrive, destroyers will start spawning from three different areas and converge on the center of the Norn area. Thirty destroyers will spawn in all, and while later spawns are triggered by finishing off earlier mobs, you could easily have to fight a dozen at a time if you stand in the center and wait for them to come, which can be overwhelming.

Instead, there is a group of dryders that wanders back and forth in front of the Norn. Disable any spirits or wells on heroes before reaching the dryders. Wait for the dryders to get out of the way and sneak past without aggroing them. This will leave the dryders there to kill some destroyers for you later.

Three destroyers will come to attack you; go kill them quickly. After the first three destroyers are dead, run away immediately in the direction of Egil Fireteller. Run past Egil up the hill (not the narrow ice bridge) behind him and toward the doorway. Three destroyers will spawn, and then three more a little later, and both have to cross the path of the dryders that you avoided earlier. Often, the dryders will kill one of the groups of destroyers, and sometimes they will kill both groups. When the second group is dead, the onslaught of destroyers begins in earnest.

If you see any destroyers spawn up in the area where you are, that means the dryders have finished off the other early destroyers. Re-enable any disabled wells and spirits at this time, and kill the destroyers as they spawn. You'll have to kill six in the initial group, and then three more once those six are dead. After you've killed everything in that area and nothing else spawns to replace it, you'll have to go kill the twelve destroyers that came from other directions.

Switch any golems away from melee at this time. Flag your party around the center of the narrow ice bridge. While facing your party, back up to get closer to the pack of destroyers, until within range to shoot them. Shoot and run away and see what comes. If nothing comes, try again. If everything comes, run away until they leave. Ideally, several destroyers will come and the rest will stay put, in which case, you can kill the ones that come while the rest leave you alone. Repeat until there are few enough destroyers left that you can safely charge in and finish them off.

Sometimes the dryders will be unable to finish off the early destroyers. If this happens, wait for the destroyers to kill some Norn and fight their way to the center of the area. Switch any golems away from melee, flag your party back, and pull the destroyers up the hill as far as possible to fight them there. As soon as they die, run up the hill to get out of the central area and fight the destroyers on that side only as before. Remember to re-enable wells and spirits if you had any to disable.

If you wipe, you will rez nearby and can try again. If you wipe before clearing the destroyers that spawn on top of the hill by Egil Fireteller, then most likely some destroyers from that side will trickle down into the center area, meaning you have that many more destroyers to try to pull apart. If you're lucky, some destroyers will get stuck on dead golems, and will be easily killed there.

When all the destroyers are dead, follow Olaf as he leads you out of the chamber. After a couple more destroyer groups, you will meet the last of your allies, the newly-transformed Stone Dwarves of Deldrimor. Past them is the Asura Gate that leads to the Central Transfer Chamber. You must wait for the dialogue to complete before the gate will actually work, but if you wait too long, a very large group of around 20 destroyers will appear and attack the dwarves.

Level 3[]

From the platform where you spawn, stairs lead down to landings on both right and left, and then more stairs lead down to the main floor where the Disc of Chaos awaits. At the bottom of all four flights of stairs is a group of destroyers and a Destroyer of Lives. Entering the main floor will trigger a fifth group of destroyers to come up from the south, as the last group has a very long aggro range. All the destroyers must be killed to complete the quest.

Kill off all the destroyers you can reach without aggroing the Disc. The two groups on the sides down only one flight of stairs are easy to clear. After this, switch any golems out of melee as before. Go to the west side where you can go down one flight of stairs and then up a flight of stairs. You can attack the group on the lower floor from above and kill it there without any risk of aggroing the boss. Melee henchmen or heroes may need to be flagged back repeatedly. You can kill most of the group on the east side by flagging your party back, backing up as before (to keep golems away), aggroing the group, running away, and waiting for it to come.

To pull the group in the far back, go back to the west side and flag your party back. Back into the Disc of Chaos to aggro it, and the group of destroyers in the back will come. As soon as you aggro the boss, run away, and flag your party to ensure that they run, too. Keep running until you're no longer being followed by mobs; you may have to run all the way past the original doorway and down the stairs on the other side. If you dawdle and run a little at a time, you won't be able to break aggro, and the destroyers may spawn camp you. If done properly, the destroyers will probably kill a golem or two and then turn back. The group of destroyers that was behind the boss will now stop in front of it on the west side, making it easy to pull that group alone and recharge your golems. After that, all that remains is a boss and one other destroyer of lives, making the mission easy to finish. You can switch golems back to melee to fight the boss if you like.

Hard mode[]

While hard mode doesn't change the basic strategy, it does make mobs stronger, and perhaps more importantly, faster. The same basic tactics work, though you have less room for error without aggroing way too many and getting overwhelmed.





Boss-like foes[]


Briefing from the Scrying Pool.

Quest Log: "The Eye of North [sic] has revealed the source of the Destroyers. We must journey deep within the Shiverpeak Mountains and eliminate the evil at its core. The power of the Great Dwarf and your many allies await your command to begin the final assault."
Find and reclaim the Central Transfer Chamber:
Oola: "The Asura Gate leading to the Central Transfer Chamber is far beneath us, and overrun by Destroyers... but I'm not worried. In fact, I'm so confident that I'm going to send you ahead."
<party leader>: "Thanks for the vote of confidence. Have any of the Asuran patrols in the area come back from those caverns?"
Oola: "Not yet. Take some of my golems along as well. I refit [sic] them to let you switch their modes, while allowing me to communicate with you. I wouldn't do that for just any human..."
Take command of the golems and find the missing Asuran patrol:
Renk: "Hey! I recognize those golems! Oola send you, didn't she? Help us hold off these Destroyers!"
Rendezvous with the Ebon Vanguard:
Renk: "Aha! We've got them on the run. Three cheers for Oola and her magnificent golems! Oh, right. And the humans, too. Hurrah!"
Oola: "Incoming message from Oola: "A group of the Ebon Vanguard are missing in the caverns. Determine their location. Seek the gate to the Central Transfer Chamber. And don't break my golems." Message ends."
<party leader>: "A Vanguard unit is missing? I bet they're down here, too. Now that those Destroyers pests are out of the way, open the gate for us. We'll head farther in and see if we can find them."
Sokka: "You want to keep going? After that fight? You are brave, human! Don't let me stand in your way."
Clear a path into the depths with the Ebon Vanguard:
Captain Langmar: "There you are! There's a new breach in the caverns that's infested with Destroyers. We've held them back, but we're running out of soldiers. Are you ready for some action?"
<party leader>: "I'm pretty sure these golems can hold them off while we do some serious damage to those Destroyers. Let's go."
Continue deeper into the caverns:
Oola: "Incoming message from Oola: "Have you solved the problem yet? What's taking you so long? Hope you are well. My golems had better be in one piece." Message ends."
Captain Langmar: "Those Asura are always fussing at something. Here, this passage should take you down towards the main Asura Gate. Thanks for your help. Good luck!"
Fight beside the Norn as they hold off the Destroyers:
Olaf Olafson: "You made it? You must have the strength of the bear spirit! We'll make a Norn of you yet, cub."
Sif Shadowhunter: "No time to train. Here come the fiends again! We'll hold the openings. You handle any stragglers, little one."
Egil Fireteller: "Look there. Another wave is coming from the side. Bear bless the day I lifted my first weapon. We will need all the strength we have!"
Olaf Olafson: "Those monsters of yours... they fight like Norn! With you by our side, we cannot fail!"
Sif Shadowhunter: "Those stone Dwarves held their own like true heroes. You did well, too. That seems to be the last of them. Just when it was getting interesting...."
Travel to the Central Transfer Chamber via the Asura Gate:
Olaf Olafson: "Follow me. This is the way to the Central Transfer Chamber."
Olaf Olafson: "Allow me. A little ice never kept a Norn from reaching his prey! The Dwarves are through there. Seems they've already found the Asura Gate. You'd best get going."
<party leader>: "I'm on my way. May the bear spirit see me through!"
Stone Dwarf: "Thank the Great Dwarf. Reinforcements! I pray that the strength you bring will be enough, human. We can spare two of our men for you. The rest must hold the gate."
Stone Dwarf: "My kinsmen! Our entire lives, and the lives of our ancestors, have led to this moment. The strength of the Great Dwarf flows through us!"
Stone Dwarf: "Go! Clear the Central Transfer Chamber! Our sacrifice will not be in vain!"
<party leader>: "Follow me. Through that gate! For Deldrimor!"
Clear the Central Transfer Chamber of Destroyers:
<party leader>: "This place is infested. We need to clear out every last Destroyer before we move forward."
Stone Dwarf: "Don't just stand there. Get those golems into battle. We need all the help we can get."
Stone Dwarf: "Great Dwarf, guide my hammer in this battle."

Cutscene 1[]

The Great Destroyer
Jalis Ironhammer: "We have driven them back."
Ogden Stonehealer: "But at a huge cost, and the Destroyers are regrouping."
Jalis Ironhammer: "It does not matter! We are stone! We shall resist all their assaults."
<party leader>: "I see what you mean, "changed in body and mind"."
Ogden Stonehealer: "Yes. Jalis Ironhammer is resolute, but the Destroyers are infinite, and they act as a single creature."
Gwen: "That's it. What if they ARE a single creature?"
Gwen: "The Great Dwarf's power is connected to Jalis's followers. What if the Great Destroyer's mind is connected to its minions?"
<party leader>: "Which means if we kill the Great Destroyer . . ."
Gwen: "The control is gone, and the Dwarves stand a chance."
Vekk: "It's going to be dicey. Even with their Great Hoodoo I don't think the Dwarves can withstand another assault."
<party leader>: "Leave the golems here, then."
Vekk: "Sounds like a plan. The Great Destroyer's chamber is not far. A small group can slip through the lines."
<party leader>: "Let's go. Even with the golems, the Dwarves will not be able to hold out for long."
Jalis Ironhammer: "Come, Great Destroyer! Throw your minions away against us!"
Jalis Ironhammer: "We will hunt you all into the depths of the earth!"
Jalis Ironhammer: "Victory or death!"


  • G.O.L.E.M. 2.0s possess high armor and health, so letting them absorb the brunt of the destroyers' attacks can give you a much easier time.
  • When repeating this quest, you can enter Jalis's throneroom in the Battledepths directly from the Central Transfer Chamber.
  • Golems in melee mode have life stealing which is useful against the Disc of Chaos' high armor.

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