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Species: Human
Profession: Warrior/Necromancer Warrior-icon.pngNecromancer-icon.png
Level(s): 5...20

Devona is the de-facto leader of a group of friends comprising of Aidan, Mhenlo, Eve, and Cynn, whom the rest of the Tyrian continents refers to as the Heroes of Ascalon. She is a Warrior who places great value in honor and duty. Her father, Mordakai, died defending his guild, Ascalon's Chosen, near the end of the the Guild Wars during the battle for Kyhlo. She greatly admires his sacrifice and aspires to be a great Warrior just like her father.


Lore from the official website:

Nation: Ascalon
Birthplace: Rin
Age: 24
Devona is quite serious and very direct in her dealings with other people. She aspires to be a great Warrior, just like her father. Sometimes this aspiration turns into a tremendous internal pressure to succeed. Devona's father was one of the leaders of a prestigious and well-respected guild — Ascalon's Chosen. He lost his life defending the city walls against a raid by an Orrian guild during the last Guild War. Devona was only a little girl at the time, but since that day, she has dedicated her life to mastering the martial arts of sword and hammer.
Devona is the level-headed leader of the party. She always assesses any situation before rushing in. This sometimes puts her at odds with the brash Cynn. Despite this seeming level of restrain and control, Devona does have a temper, and it can get the best of her. She would sacrifice her own life to save the life of a friend, and she frequently puts herself in harm's way to protect those who travel with her. Devona has a very deep sense of loyalty and duty. To her, there would be no greater honor than to follow in the footsteps of her father and give her life defending that which is most dear to her.

Devona (NPC)[]

In the Prophecies Campaign, Devona is a soldier of Ascalon, helping to maintain peace and stability. Prior to the Searing, she acted as a guardian of Lakeside County. After the Searing, she and her group of friends followed Prince Rurik to lead refugees across the Shiverpeak Mountains to Kryta, with her group's progress paralleling the player's.

The Factions Campaign showed that Devona (and her group of friends) had followed Mhenlo to Cantha when the latter received a request for aid from Master Togo. Together with Mhenlo, they would later travel to the Echovald Forest to seek the Kurzicks' aid.

In the Nightfall Campaign, Devona and her friends have answered Kormir's call for help. They aided the Sunspears as they sought to avert an apocalypse.

In the Eye of the North, Devona and her friends travel North to aid the dwarves in their battle against the Destroyers.


Prophecies Factions Nightfall
Quests Given



Quests Involved In


Locations found[]

Prophecies Factions Nightfall
1 in Ashford Village, to the south of Ashford Abbey
2 only during the Replacement Healers quest
3 only during The Deserters quest
4 for non-Prophecies characters only
5 only during The Ascalon Settlement quest, right outside Lion's Arch
6 only during Into the Unknown quest
7 only during Welcome to Cantha quest
8 for non-Factions characters only

Skills used[]


Pre-Searing Ascalon "Courage is the true hallmark of an Ascalon. That's what I believe. My father died defending the Great Wall, and if I have the chance, I'll do the same. Is there something you'd like to talk about?"
Lion's Gate "My father used to cross the Shiverpeaks often when he served in the Vanguard for the King of Ascalon. Those days are long past, though my memories of him have never faded. As Prince Rurik led the refugees from Ascalon across the mountains, I felt for the first time I was walking in the footsteps of my father. I hope he is watching me from the Mists and is proud of what I have become. And if he isn't, he will be soon enough... for I will crush these undead beneath my hammer, and each of them so destroyed shall bring further the glory of our family!" [sic]
Divine Path "It was a tough fight, was it not?"
Throne of Secrets "I can't believe you confronted a god... and won! I've never heard anything like it."
Eye of the North
Epilogue "I remember the day a young hero came to Ashford trying to make a difference in the world. We've all come a long way since the innocent days of protecting people from bees."

Devona (Fighter Henchman)[]

Profession: Hammer Warrior
Armament: Foehammer

Devona is a Warrior henchman for hire in many locations across the campaigns & the expansion.


Prophecies Factions Nightfall
A located in all towns and outposts

Skills used[]

Prophecies Factions Nightfall Eye of the North Norn Fighting Tournament


Prophecies, Factions, & Nightfall Eye of the North


  • High damage output with two conditional knock-down skills through hammer attack skills, and one unconditional skill.
  • More durable than most henchmen.
  • Has a self-heal in the form of Healing Signet.


  • Does not have a lot of defensive skills.
  • Does not have a shield equipped.


  • Moderate damage output.
  • Has 4 knockdown skills - 1 of which is unconditional.
  • Has a self-heal in the form of Lion's Comfort.
  • Good at preventing mobs from getting through her and into your backline.
  • Can remove conditions with Plague Touch


  • Does not have defensive skills.
  • Does not have a shield equipped.


- "When I was young, my father was a member of Ascalon's Chosen. Now I too am a member of that same guild. There is nothing I won't do for my comrades, no risk I won't take for a friend. There is little I hold in higher regard than loyalty."
Kaineng City "When I was a child, my father used to tell me great tales of passing over the Shiverpeaks when he served with Ascalon's Chosen. My father would never believe I came all the way to Cantha to help fight a war against this great plague. I hope he can see me from the mists and is proud of me. Every enemy crushed beneath my hammer is another tribute to his memory.

Did you need something?"

Echovald Forest "Just look at the beauty the Kurzicks have brought into this forest. It's no wonder they protect it from the Luxons. Enough talk, we should look to the task at hand. Did you need anything?"
- "I wasn't kidding when I said this would be a lot of work. Back in Tyria, my father died protecting people like the Istani. I'm going to live up to his memory, and show them what it means to be a real Warrior. The Kournans could do with a dose of honor, justice, and respect. Right in the face."
Eye of the North
Central Transfer Chamber "I don't like dungeons. They're too...low. I keep hitting my head on rock formations."
Charr Homelands "The Charr are our greatest enemies... and possibly, against these destroyers, our strongest allies. But I will not forgive them for what they have done to our homeland. They will pay."
Far Shiverpeaks "Hail, friend. I am glad to have you by my side up here. The Norn are colder than snow."
Tarnished Coast "Hold on, friend. You can't just run off and start fighting. If you don't have a plan, at least carry a big hammer."


Idle quotes
Shiverpeak Mountains
  • "During the last Guild Wars, members of Ascalon's Chosen used to regularly traverse these mountains."
  • "My father used to speak of his journeys over the Shiverpeaks."
  • "The Deldrimor Dwarves have always been allies of Ascalon."
Ring of Fire Islands
  • "If I had an arch enemy, this is where I would want to imprison him too."
  • "If only my father could see me now."
  • "The hiss of the lava as it pours into the sea is rather unnerving."
  • "We're a long way from Ascalon."
Battle quotes
  • "For Ascalon's Chosen!"
  • "Forget duty, this is personal."
  • "Into the teeth of the beast!"
  • "Let's see how you like my hammer!"
  • "You've angered the wrong Warrior."
Idle quotes
Kaineng City
  • "If only my father could see me now."
  • "Our enemies won't be standing around, why are we?"
  • "We have no time to waste lounging here."
Echovald Forest
  • "I hope everything is well back at the settlement."
  • "Let's look to the task at hand."
  • "We must proceed with caution."
Battle quotes
  • "Fighting you is my duty. Killing you is my honor."
  • "For Ascalon!"
  • "For father!"
  • "Let's see how you like my hammer." (same as in Prophecies)
  • "My hammer is making a lovely mess."
  • "My hammer wishes to see you."
  • "You picked the wrong Warrior to upset."
  • "You've angered the wrong Warrior." (same as in Prophecies)
Idle quotes
  • "Don't fight for victory. Fight for honor, and victory will come on its own."
  • "I am glad to be with you, my friend. There is no one else I would rather have at my side."
  • "I think it's going to be a very long day."
  • "My father was a proud man, a noble warrior. When I dream, I still remember the promise he made to me."
  • "War is inevitable. It rises and falls like the tide. Battle is the moon that draws the water close, and death sends it out to sea once more."
  • "We're definitely not in Ascalon any more."
  • "We're not in Ascalon any more."
Battle quotes
  • "Father, look down on me and guide my hand!"
  • "Fight at my side, and together we shall be victorious!"
  • "For Ascalon and the Wall!"
  • "Idiot, meet hammer. Hammer, idiot."
  • "Honor and truth!"
  • "I tried to keep my temper, but I failed. Oh, well."
  • "If it isn't tough to do, it isn't worth winning!"
  • "Let the fires of battle temper my soul!"
  • "Let us see where your heart truly lies."
  • "Resistance is futile!"
  • "Some idiot's always trying to get away."
  • "They asked for a beating... Now let's give it to them!"
  • "We can and we will!"
  • "While there is breath, there is still victory!"
Eye of the North
Idle quotes
  • "Act without hesitation. Fight without mercy. Live without regret."
  • "Battle brings back memories, but they can be painful. I dreamed about my father again last night."
  • "I've traveled far and wide. I've seen wonders and horrors. But in all that time I've found there are very few problems that can't be fixed by a good hammer to the face."
  • "It's important to get a good rhythm going when swinging a hammer. Otherwise your arm gets tired."
  • "The countryside is so serene here. Why did war have to destroy my homeland?"
  • "The wall couldn't hold back the Charr... perhaps we can."
Battle quotes
  • "And stay down!"
  • "Balthazar, give me strength!"
  • "Different day. Different fight. Same imbeciles!"
  • "Do you like my hammer? Have a closer look."
  • "Don't make me come over there and hit you."
  • "Find me something furry to hit."
  • "Hard to run when you're flat on your back, isn't it?"
  • "Help me, father! Guide my hand!"
  • "How I've missed Charr hunting!"
  • "I will fight this battle even with my dying breath."
  • "I've hammered all over this land."
  • "Ooh! I dented your armor. Here, let me hammer that out for you."
  • "Talk to the hammer!"
  • "What did you say about me? Now you die!"


  • In both the manual and the Prophecies opening cinematic, she wields a sword, yet she only uses a hammer in the game.
  • Devona is one of only five characters (including Aidan, Mhenlo, Eve, and Cynn) to appear in all the campaigns and expansions so far.
  • In the manual for Factions, Devona is shown wielding two swords which is not possible in game.


  • Devona is one of only four Prophecies characters to have an official write-up.
  • She can be seen in the Guild Wars Prophecies opening cinematic.
  • Of her group of friends, only Devona and Aidan do not appear on the box art for Guild Wars Prophecies.
  • The early art of Devona depicted her wielding a sword (a Rinblade) and wearing a style of armor nearly identical to Farrah Cappo.
  • Her quote "We're not in Ascalon anymore" could be a reference to the movie "The Wizard of Oz", in which the main character famously says "We're not in Kansas anymore".
  • The quote "I've hammered all over this land" is possibly a reference to the song "If I Had a Hammer (The Hammer Song)", which includes the lyrics "If I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the morning, I'd hammer in the evening, all over this land".

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