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The Diseased Devourer, a typical Devourer

Devourers are a class of monster, i.e. a species in the bestiary of Guild Wars.

Devourers resemble giant two-tailed scorpions and are slightly larger than a human.

Devourers prefer to hide underground and will only burrow their way to the surface when their victim comes within close proximity. Devourers typically burrow out of the ground in packs, with each pack consisting of a mix of melee and ranged attackers. While underground, a devourer is inert and undetectable (i.e. they do not show up on a character's minimap, and show no visible signs of being present). Furthermore, once surfaced, a devourer cannot burrow back into the ground.

When travelling in regions known to contain devourers, take care not to rush towards a visible enemy (regardless of whether or not it is a devourer) to engage it in close combat, as a pack of hidden/underground devourers may be inadvertently aggravated. Often the visible enemies serve as bait for a much more dangerous devourer ambush. To circumvent the standard devourer ambush tactics, always be sure to approach visible enemies slowly (i.e. run forward two or three steps, pause, then run forward a couple more, pause etc.) while keeping an eye out for devourers burrowing to the surface, or preferably, draw the visible enemy towards the party using long-range weapons (e.g. longbows). When finally engaging the visible enemy in close-range combat, try to remain in areas characters have already traversed. A character may be one step away from aggro-ing more hidden devourers.

Devourer ambush-points are not random, so it is worth noting where they burrow in a particular area, especially if running, so that that fewer groups can be aggravated or even be avoided altogether.

Devourers, depending on their type, primarily use either melee or ranged attacks to inflict piercing damage and supplement these attacks with sporadic magical attacks.

Some Devourers have reduced armor against fire damage or cold damage.

Furthermore Devourers ...

Items dropped[]

Devourers drop the following loot (besides gold, various weapons, and items):

Post Searing:

Known Sub-Types[]

Regular Devourer units[]

Region Sub-Species Trophy
Pre-Searing Ascalon WarriorCarrion Devourer
WarriorDiseased Devourer
RangerLash Devourer
WarriorSnapping Devourer
Dull Carapace
Ascalon WarriorCarrion Devourer
RangerCrimson Devourer
RangerWhiptail Devourer
NecromancerPlague Devourer
Fetid Carapace
Maguuma Jungle RangerThorn Devourer
RangerThorn Devourer Drone
NecromancerFevered Devourer
Thorny Carapace
Crystal Desert RangerRockshot Devourer Bleached Carapace
Charr Homelands NA-icon-small.pngSiege Devourer

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