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One of the five Harpy Nests


  1. Meet Dajwa on the Cliffs of Dohjok to help him recover his ring.
  2. Help Dajwa find and slay the skree harpy that stole his pie.
  3. Search the harpy nests for the missing ring. You have searched 0...5 of 5 nests.
  4. See Dajwa for your reward.

Obtained from

Dajwa in Champion's Dawn


Nightfall Character
Leaving a Legacy



"I'm done for. She'll never have me now. I won't even get to ask the question. Can't propose without a ring, can I? I had it all planned. It was going to be a big surprise. See, I baked the ring into a pie for my love. When she took a bite, she would find it and we'd live happily ever after. But some stupid skree harpy ate my pie and ran off to the Cliffs of Dohjok. I know. I will find the harpy and slay it! It's a quest; a quest for love's shiny token. You wouldn't happen to know how to kill a harpy would you? Or have a spear I could borrow?"
Accept: "I like pie."
Reject: "What kind of idiot bakes a ring into a pie?"

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (Dajwa)

"Wow, you came! So, I guess we should get moving. That skree harpy is around here somewhere."

Intermediate Dialogue 2

Dajwa: "Look there! I guess my pie did the work for us. Heh. Maybe it was a good thing I didn't get the chance to feed it to my love."
Dajwa: "Blast! It's not here. Maybe the harpy found it and stashed it before finishing my pie. We should search the harpy nests nearby."

Intermediate Dialogue 3 (quotes from searching Harpy Nests)

"You search the nest but only find some shards of metal. No ring here."
"You find some bones and lots of feathers, but no ring."
"There is a badly chewed shoe and a ball of shiny string."
"Strewn about the nest you see the remains of a suit of armor."
"You find a rather slimy gold ring."

Reward Dialogue

"Oh, happy day! You think if I wash it off, she'll notice the harpy smell? I guess now the only beast left to face is my love."


Enter the Cliffs of Dohjok and speak to Dajwa. Follow the quest marker first to a corpse, and subsequently to all the harpy nests. Due to the close proximity of the nests with each other, it is easy to get overwhelmed if you charge right in. Pull harpies to isolate each group. Try to take out the Skree Hatchling early, to remove the healer. Also, take a minute to get the Harpy Blessing near Jokanur.


  • If you do this quest at the same time as Queen of the Quarry, you will have three additional level 10 NPCs to help you out