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Diessa Lowlands
Diessa Lowlands.jpg
Explorable area
Campaign Prophecies
Region Ascalon
Map area 1.87%
Neighbors Ascalon Foothills
Flame Temple Corridor
Grendich Courthouse
Nolani Academy (outpost)
The Breach
Services Collector
Diessa Lowlands map.jpg
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General Information[]

Being north of the Great Northern Wall, the Diessa Lowlands have been overrun by gargoyles and charr. Only small strongholds at the old Grendich Courthouse and Nolani Academy provide safety for those attempting to travel through to the Shiverpeaks. At the center of the area, the Charr have fortified their position and thus should be avoided by all but the strongest and swiftest. Rock golems await those entering from the southeastern pass, while gargoyles mingle with charr along the west. A large tar pit infested with devourers can be found in the northeast and slows passage to anyone planning on exploring the Flame Temple Corridor. In spite of the danger, many choose to run or fight through this zone towards the Ascalon Foothills to reach the Shiverpeaks. Others may choose to help defend the besieged Academy to bypass this zone altogether.


Towns and Outposts[]

Explorable areas[]

Points of Interest[]






  • To receive credit for the Vanquisher title track in Diessa Lowlands you must defeat 342-387 monsters in Hard Mode.
    • Because this is a fairly difficult area to vanquish with 4 people, consider bringing a larger party from Yak's Bend (6 party members) or Temple of the Ages (8 party members).
    • The quest Then and Now, Here and There from Eye of the North can make vanquishing this area easier as there are fewer Charr to deal with. There are about 292 monsters with this quest active.
    • A minion master can help to make up the difference in party size when vanquishing by providing additional body blocking and damage.
  • A single enchantment removal skill in your party will be enough for this vanquish.