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Skill details
Disarm Trap
Disarm Trap.jpg
Campaign Nightfall
Profession None
Attribute Unlinked
Type Skill
        2 Activation.png    

Full: You disable an activated sentry trap before it discharges. You are easily interrupted while using this skill.

Concise: You disable an activated sentry trap before it discharges. You are easily interrupted.


This is a temporary skill that can only be obtained and used during the Venta Cemetery mission. It is used to disarm the AoE attacks of the Sentry Traps. The skill is obtained from Rojis at the beginning of the mission, and remains in your skill bar until the mission is over if you choose to equip it instead of one of your other skills.


When you come near an active Sentry Trap a progress bar will show on your screen. The meter decreases until it reaches zero, at which point its AoE attack will activate. If you manage to activate this skill before the progress bar reaches zero, the Sentry Trap will be disarmed permanently.

Sentry Trap timer.jpg


  • The Sentry Trap takes 5 seconds to activate so you have more than enough time to deactivate it if you aren't interrupted.
  • This skill is untargeted and has a range of earshot.
  • This skill cannot be equipped by Heroes.
  • If you are a Beastmaster, you can replace Charm Animal with this skill without losing any functionality.