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Disc of Chaos
Disc of Chaos.jpg
Species: Destroyer
Profession: Elementalist Elementalist-icon.png
Level(s): 30 (32)


Disc of Chaos is an Elementalist boss-like foe found at the end of the mission Destruction's Depths. Disc of Chaos has an incredible amount of health, deals double damage and has Natural resistance, it is therefore advisable to make sure you engage this enemy while it is on its own. During the battle it may use its Rolling Shift ability to change form, however this does not appear to change its skillset although it may increase its movement speed. In its walking form, the creature very much resembles a crab, both in movement and shape.


Skills used[]

The Disc of Chaos in its shifted form

Items dropped[]


  • Killing this enemy yields a 7% Morale Boost.
  • Despite its large size, it is still possible to knock this foe down.
  • Damage dealt by this enemy can be reduced significantly if you are within a golem's Phase Shield.
  • This foe can drop a Warrior Skill Tome.