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Dishonor points affect game types that have randomly formed teams such as Random Arenas, Alliance Battles, and Competitive Missions.

An account may be given dishonor points for leaving a PvP match prematurely, being reported by team mates, or for reporting teammates for leeching.

Players who leave a PvP match prematurely will receive 5 dishonor points.

If a player is reported for leeching, that player will receive 2 dishonor points for each report against him. Players who report a team member for leeching without a third of their team also reporting that player will also receive 2 dishonor points.

Bug.png Bug! You still gain dishonor points even if more than a third of your team reports someone for leeching, currently it is untested how many points you gain.

Any account that has accumulated 10 or more dishonor points is given the Dishonorable status, which is displayed as a buff icon on screen. While affected by this status, no characters present on that account may enter any PvP missions. The Dishonorable status remains in effect for 1 minute for each accumulated dishonor point. This status cannot be removed by logging out or changing characters.

When the duration of the Dishonorable status has expired, characters on that account may once again join PvP missions. Dishonor points will remain on the player's account for a total of 60 minutes. If further dishonor points are acquired during this period, that account is once again given the Dishonorable status, though for a longer period of time.

To clear dishonor points from an account, a player must go 60 minutes without accumulating any new dishonor points.

Currently there appears to be a bug where you will gain dishonor points for not moving for an unknown amount of time, this can be dangerous for bonders at places like fort aspenwood/jade quarry.