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Disambiguous.png This article is about the action. For the skill of the same name, see Dodge.

Dodging is a mechanism that allows a character to avoid being struck by some projectiles. If a projectile is not close enough to its target when it lands, it is dodged. This can be used defensively by actively moving your character to avoid incoming projectiles (generally spells and arrows). If you are moving when a projectile is fired, it will be shot towards where the game thinks you will be when it lands. Stopping or radically changing the direction of movement after the projectile is fired will cause it to be dodged. Moving from side to side or activating a strong speed boost will usually achieve this. Use of Shadow stepping and teleportation skills will dodge any projectiles that are airborne at the time.

Dodging becomes increasingly more difficult when projectiles have a shorter flight time. Flight time is reduced by moving closer to the target or increasing the overall speed of the projectile, which can be done using Favorable Winds and Read the Wind or switching to a Recurve Bow class for bow attacks, and using Glyph of Swiftness for spells. Spears have a relatively short flight time and there are no skills to further reduce it, aside from Swift Javelin and Mighty Throw.

There is no way to reduce the speed of enemy projectiles to increase your chances of dodging them, aside from killing any spirits of Favorable Winds when facing rangers.

Whenever a player's projectile is dodged, he or she will briefly see yellow indicator text: "dodge".

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