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Domain of Fear
Domain of Fear.jpg
Explorable area
Campaign Nightfall
Region Realm of Torment
Map area n/a
Neighbors Gate of Fear
Gate of Secrets
Services None
Domain of Fear map.jpg


Players travelling through this area on the primary quest can go either north or south, south being longer but with slightly easier enemies, and north with Shiro'ken and Titans. Note that the area surrounding the Gate of Secrets portal resembles the underbelly of a huge spider-like creature, featuring gigantic torment claws for each 'leg' and entrance to Gate of Secrets for 'mouth'.








  1. Cannot be targeted by Lightbringer's Gaze
  2. Does not count for the Lightbringer Monster Hunt Bounty.
  3. Madness Titans and the level 24 versions of Earth, Water and Wind Born Titans are only spawned from other slain Titans, and do not drop any loot.


Shrines and Blessings[]

  • All shrines give Monster Hunt blessing except the one just south from the Gate Of Fear portal which gives Dhuum Servant Hunt blessing.


  • The party suffers from the Cower in Fear effect while in this area, causing a 15% slowdown in movement speed, attack rate and skill activation.
  • Several boss monsters have Factions skills here. If you do not own Factions, you will not be able to capture these skills at all.
  • Some players may experience a bug upon trying to enter this area. A window appears stating that Guild Wars has encountered an unrepairable error and the program will be terminated. There is also a link to Guild Wars support which will walk you through updating your graphics card drivers. Even after taking these steps, some players will still receive this error message every time they attempt to enter this area. You may receive this error message even if your graphics card meets the game requirements. Your only option is to contact the company that made your graphics card and hope that they can resolve the issue.