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Disambiguous.png This article is about the quest. For the mesmer attribute of the same name, see Domination Magic.



  1. Head east from Foible's Fair to the woods. Destroy the skale brood.
  2. Return to Vassar for your reward.

Obtained from

Vassar in Foible's Fair


Profession: Mesmer
Prophecies Pre-Searing Character



"Elementalists may frighten lackwits with no greater concept of combat than striking someone with an oversized mallet, but any Mesmer worth his salt is a far greater threat than a robed buffoon who likes to play with fire.
It's true Mesmers are often discounted for their use of illusions, but the most masterful Mesmers eschew illusions for mental domination. A small army of skale are marching through the woods to the east. I will teach you a few skills that should help you dispatch them far better than the brute force an Elementalist would employ. Then you will know what it is like to wield real power."
Accept: "Leave it to me."
Reject: "Sorry. I've no need of your advice."

Reward Dialogue

"The skale have been eliminated, you say? Excellent. Our little mountain paradise will remain undisturbed, and you've demonstrated once again that even the most ignorant Mesmer is far superior to an army of Elementalists."


Vassar bestows the following skills to aid in removing an army of skale in the woods to the east:

Leave town and follow the road north until eventually seeing a clearing off to the east. Enter that clearing and head eastward. The Skale will be found near a river. The only skale that has to be killed is the River Skale Brood. Backfire works exceptionally well, as Backfire hurts casters whenever they cast a spell. If the player should opt not to use that skill, then its Ice Spears could prove lethal. Once it is dead, go back to Foible's Fair and speak with Vassar to receive the reward.


  • The skale brood may rapidly move west through the woods away from the river, so make sure not to miss it when heading east.