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Doppelganger f.jpgDoppelganger m.jpg
Species: Unknown
Profession: Monk Monk-icon.png
Level(s): 20 (30)

Doppelganger (formerly known as Mirror Self) is the final foe before Ascension, faced during the Augury Rock Mission, and needs to be defeated in order to proceed in the game.

Both Male and Female Doppelganger are wearing a modified version of Warrior Wyvern armor, colored completely jet black. They do not wear a helm, and their faces are aflame, seemingly made of lava.

Characters that go up against their Doppelganger will see the following differences:

  • The Doppelganger equips the same skills as the player has when facing it, which is one of the keys of defeating it. However, Rangers that face the Doppelganger should note that animal companions are NOT duplicated.
  • It has 12 rank in every attribute except for martial weapon masteries where it has 0 rank.
  • It is always armed with a Chaos Axe or a Tormented Spear, and will switch weapons depending on whether the player is in melee range or further away. Note that it can use any melee attack skills with its axe, even those tied to other melee weapon masteries. It uses its spear for both spear and bow attack skills.
  • It formerly also wielded an Eternal Bow and held a black Flame Artifact when wielding its Chaos Axe.

After defeating the Doppelganger, the player acquires 50,000 experience points (only if not already ascended in any of the 3 campaigns) and is teleported to Dragon's Lair. Also, if the Doppelganger is defeated in under 10 minutes, the player is awarded 1,000 additional experience points; this counts as the bonus for the mission (needed for the Protector of Tyria title).

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  • The Doppleganger has 480 Health and 40 Energy in normal mode; 680 Health and 50 Energy in Hard Mode.
  • The Doppelganger wields a Chaos Axe when attacking in melee and a Tormented Spear when attacking at range.
    • The axe deals 17-42 lightning damage, and the spear deals 17-32 piercing damage.
    • The Doppelganger can use attack skills for any melee weapon while wielding the axe and attack skills for any ranged weapon while wielding the spear.
  • The Doppelganger cannot use any PvE skills.
  • The Doppleganger is not human, and will not contract disease from you or spread it back.