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This minigame is part of the Shing Jea Boardwalk and could be played during the Birthday Celebrations, Canthan New Years, Dragon Festivals and the Gamer Weekend. It costs 1 Festival Ticket.


For three minutes, up to eight contestants can join by paying the entry fee of one Festival Ticket. Once paid, you will be jumped into the gated dojo. Each game consists of four rounds, each lasting 45 seconds.

  • Round One: Hatchlings pop-up out of the ground and give one point to whoever touches them first.
  • Round Two: In addition to the Hatchlings, there will be red Drake Hatchlings which knock you down if you touch them and give no points.
  • Round Three: In this round, white Drake Hatchlings will also appear and award two points when touched and cripple any nearby opponents for ten seconds.
  • Round Four: All three types of hatchlings spawn and all points are double.


Historical note.png Historical note: During Dragon Festival 2006, the rewards were Jade Wind Orbs instead of Victory Tokens, and there were no Gamer points because the Gamer title had not been introduced yet.
Bug.png Bug! Sometimes, the game adds a non-existent, invisible player. This "player" occupies a slot but will not show up by name, will be outscored by everyone even with zero points, and will grant additional rewards and gamer points just like a regular player.


  • Some of the more obscure districts may have less people at certain times of day and it is possible to win by default.


There are many districts without any players at all, and you can win 11 items every time you play. If each game lasts about 3 and 1/2 minutes and the time between games is 3 minutes, you will win approximately 101 items every hour. This rate can change depending on if there are real players and depending on what rank you score in. The best case scenario is that you will win approximately 230 items in one hour. The worst case scenario is that you win 9 items in one hour.