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  1. Slay kuskale and harvest their flesh for bait. You need 5...0 more hunks of fresh meat.
  2. Place fresh meat in the basket by the shore to lure the ferocious beast.
  3. Force the beast into submission.
  4. See Chuno for your reward.

Obtained from

Chuno in Marga Coast


The Great Escape
Koss is required in the party



"Go away! We don't need your help. My might alone is more than enough to defend this village. Besides, you've only made things worse. With all the trouble you Sunspears churned up, the garrison's pet beast got loose. Now it's terrorizing the village and eating our livestock. You want to help? Rid us of that menace!
You don't know how to catch a beast? Do I have to tell you everything? Get some hunks of fresh meat to use as bait. Place the flesh in a cage by the water in Arkjok Ward. When the beast smells a free meal, it'll rear its ugly head and then you lop it off! Now, get going! Me? I must protect the village and show the lovely Melonni how dedicated I am."
Accept: "That beast is as good as dead."
Reject: "If you're so manly, flex those pythons of yours and get rid of this beast yourself."

Reward Dialogue

"Get that filthy creature away from me! What? It's a village guardian? Ha! More like an overfed pet. Regardless, don't think for a moment you have eclipsed the shimmering spire of manhood known as Chuno! Melonni isn't so easily impressed... that's why she prefers my rippling musculature and godlike physique over that of ordinary mortals. She is head over heels for me, you know. Perhaps I will hang onto this creature to show off my own magnificence! Ha!"


Feeding Frenzy


Travel to Arkjok Ward. Around the lake in the north of the zone, there will be many skale and a cage. Kill skale until you have five pieces of fresh meat. Now using the cage (to bait it) will make a level 22 drake appear. Fight the drake to near-death to subdue it, then return to Chuno.


Bug.png Bug! Waiting too long outside of the drake's aggro circle once it has been lured sometimes leads to the drake's disappeareance. In such a case you'll need to restart the quest.