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Dreadnought's Drift
Dreadnought's Drift.jpg
Explorable area
Campaign Prophecies
Region Southern Shiverpeaks
Map area 0.41%
Neighbors Lornar's Pass
Snake Dance
Services None
Dreadnought's Drift map.jpg
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Dreadnought's Drift is an explorable area that lies near the midway point between the Northern Shiverpeaks and the Southern Shiverpeaks. Though it is relatively small, groups fighting through here will not find it easy. Huge mobs and surprising spawns make this one of the hardest areas of the game. This is also the only place where Maw the Mountain Heart is guaranteed to spawn.




  • Stone Summit: They make up a majority of the enemies in the area, and are concentrated into two large groups near the southern and northern branches of the pass. There is also a group of 7-8 Stone Summit Carvers on the western path, as well as a group of 7-8 Stone Summit Scouts in the northwestern part of the area. Small, clustered groups can be found in the southeastern valley.
  • Tundra Giants: Large groups can be found near the southwestern exit and in the southeastern corner. Several groups will aggro outside of range so be wary of multiple groups suddenly converging and approaching your group.
  • Blessed Griffon There is a large group in a little enclave prior to the southwestern exit.
  • Azure Shadow: Uniquely in this area, they will pop out after the stationary groups of Stone Summit (in the eastern part of the area) are killed off.

Bosses and Elite Skills[]


There is a statue of Dwayna in the southeastern part of the area. The avatar of this statue offers the usual blessings.


  • This area is the second area passed through on the Droknar's Forge run.
  • Vanquishers must defeat 114-131 foes in this area.
    • Careful pulling and persistence is necessary to break up the large mob of Stone Summit in the center. Take it slow; groups with multiple Dolyak Masters are among the most difficult you will encounter in Prophecies.