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Molachev, a leader of the Dredge, wearing the robes and (apparent) prayer strips of a typical Dredge spell caster

The Dredge are a race of intelligent subterranean creatures that dwell deep below the ground in the Shiverpeak Mountains. They are humanoid in shape, but their heads are those of moles with tiny eyes and two large front teeth. They have a rather primitive civilization compared to their dwarven neighbors, although this may be a result of their enslavement.

Like many other species of the Shiverpeaks, the Dredge have been enslaved by the Stone Summit. They work in the mines of Sorrow's Furnace where their digging talents and comfort in the dark makes them superior to humans as work grunts. Some among the Dredge have surrendered to this, while others have resisted. The leader of the rebel movement trying to free the Dredge from slavery is Molachev.

Several of the Dredge managed to escape from Sorrow's Furnace, and flee to Cantha. They can mainly be found in the Echovald Forest. The initial dialog for the quest Envoy of the Dredge proves that the Dredge fled from Tyria to Cantha, and not the other way around, by digging a tunnel through the world. It is currently unknown where the entrances to the tunnel may be, or if it still even exists.

Known Sub-Types[]

Region Army Type Trophy
Sorrow's Furnace Sorrow's Furnace army Warrior24 Dredge Brute
Warrior24 Dredge Spirit Guard
Ranger24 Dredge Scout
Ranger24 Dredge Spirit Caller
Monk24 Dredge Shaman
Monk24 Dredge Spirit Keeper
Monk24 Rebel Spirit Keeper
Mesmer24 Dredge Blastrock
Dredge Manifesto
Echovald Forest Dredge army1 Warrior24 Dredge Guardian
Ranger24 Dredge Gatherer
Monk24 Dredge Gardener
Assassin24 Dredge Gutter
Dredge Incisor
Urgoz's Warren Urgoz's Warren army Warrior28 Maddened Dredge
Ranger28 Maddened Dredge Savage
Ritualist28 Maddened Dredge Seer
Eye of the North
Depths of Tyria Dredge army1 Warrior20 Dredge Warrior
Ranger20 Dredge Hunter
Monk20 Dredge Gardener
Assassin20 Dredge Gutter
Dredge Charm
  1. Suspected.

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