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Location from Gate of Nightfallen Lands

Quest path from Gate of Pain


  1. Defeat the Abominations camped on Neersi's wine.
  2. Find Neersi's Wine.
  3. See Neersi for your reward.

Obtained from

Neersi in the Gate of Torment





"Greetings, <player name>. Can you help me? My father was a devout worshiper of Lyssa. Now he can't cope with the injustice of his imprisonment here. The gods had no choice but to contain those tainted by Abaddon. But being condemned to this horrid place after a life of service to Lyssa was too much for him."
"Now he's deluded himself into thinking this is the Mists and that as a follower of Lyssa he should have servants. He shouts to these imagined servants... ordering food and drink, and threatening to complain to Lyssa when nothing appears."
"I bartered for some wine to placate my father, but the merchant got frightened by some demons and dropped the crate. Would you defeat the demons and retrieve my missing wine?."
Accept: Of course. It's the least I can do for a devout follower of Lyssa.
Reject: There are servants in the Mists? I wonder who they worshipped to get such a lousy afterlife...

Reward Dialogue

"Thank you, <player name>. My father is content again. I hope to help him adjust once his madness passes. May the Five Gods bless you on your quest to defeat Abaddon. Then perhaps we can all rest in peace."


Dark Gateway


The demons guarding the wine can be found in Nightfallen Jahai a short distance northeast from the Gate of the Nightfallen Lands or a short distance west from the Gate of Pain. They are divided into one mixed group of Torment Creatures and five Arms of Insanity. The Arms of Insanity are not part of a group and can be lured individually, allowing the mixed group to be handled separately.

This quest can be easily accomplished by merely taking a full party of heroes/henchmen and flagging them to run through the large mob of demons and take full aggro while you run to the crate of wine.