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Disambiguous.png This article is about the PvE Glossary definition of the Droknar's Forge run and any other terms relating to this category. For a full walk-through on what is involved in completing the Run, see Beacon's Perch to Droknar's Forge.


The Droknar's Forge run, or more commonly Drok's Run, is the most popular run in the game. Named after its destination, Droknar's Forge, the route is the only way to get to the Southern Shiverpeaks without going through the laborious process of Ascension, skipping nearly three quarters of the Prophecies campaign.

The run begins at Beacon's Perch, passing south through Lornar's Pass, Dreadnought's Drift, and Snake Dance, to reach the first and only outpost encountered in the run, Camp Rankor. The route continues through Talus Chute to finally reach Droknar's Forge.

Reasons for choosing to get run to Droknar's Forge

Players who get a Drok's run for their characters are typically interested in one of the following:

Nerfs and Buffs

Over the years, ANet has made it more difficult to travel between Beacon's Perch and Droknar's Forge. Skills have been changed, foes have been buffed, patrols have been altered, and obstacles have been added — each with the goal of increasing the risk to shortcut the main quest line in Prophecies. On the whole, superior runners have met this challenge by getting better, some reaching Drok's in less than 15 minutes.

Risk to Survivors

The Drok's run can be risky careless or unaware people attempting to reach the title of Survivor. If you are a survivor, make sure to tell the runner and listen to the runner's instructions to ensure your safety.

Alternatives to Drok's Run

Alternatively, players might doing the follow runs to 'almost' reach droks:

Complete Walk-Through

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