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Path for Dropping Eaves Quest



  1. Find the White Mantle meeting spot and eavesdrop on their conversation.
  2. Return to Deep Root and tell him what you have overheard.

Obtained from:

Deep Root in Ettin's Back (right in front of Ventari's Refuge)




  • 500 XP
  • Skills
WarriorShield Stance
RangerPredatory Season
NecromancerDeath Nova
MesmerSpirit of Failure
ElementalistIron Mist


"Whispers in the earth have pointed to two White Mantle agents at work in the Reed Bog. They attempt to move through the area with stealth. I would like to know their purpose in coming here. See if you can find them and overhear their conversation. You may do what you like with them, but make sure you obtain some information from them about their plans."
Accept: "I will find them."
Decline: "I don't eavesdrop."
When asked about quest: "The White Mantle are meeting in the Reed Bog. Find them, listed to their conversation, and then relay that information back to me."

Intermediate Dialogue

White Mantle Zealot 1: "Wait did you hear something?"
White Mantle Zealot 2: "It's nothing; you jump at shadows. This place has us both on edge"
White Mantle Zealot 1: "Better safe than sorry. Our friend inside the Shining Blade does not inspire much confidence in me. Have you ever thought that perhaps he might be playing us false?"
White Mantle Zealot 2: "Then let us be away before we are discovered."
White Mantle Zealot 1: "No, of course not"

Reward Dialogue

"Your eavesdropping has brought us valuable information. It would seem we have a traitor in our midst. Who among the Shining Blade would stoop so low as to betray his brothers and sisters? We shall remain silent on this matter for now. I must think on how to flush this traitor out."


Blood And Smoke


Head south, then west until you get to Reed Bog. Once there, continue west until you come to a gathering of White Mantle. When you approach the two White Mantle, just wait before they reach your danger radius. They'll have a short chat and walk away, when they've finished you can head back to Deep Root.


You must be very careful aggroing them. They are very aggressive and if they attack you before they finish their conversation, the quest is failed.


  • The name of the quest is the pun of the word "eavesdropping," which is overhearing a conversation without being noticed (i.e. spying), like the objective of this quest.