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Druid's Isle
Druid's Isle
Basic Info
Campaign: Core
Type: Guild Hall
Part of: The Battle Isles
Map of Druid's Isle
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The Druid's Isle is a Guild Hall, first introduced in Guild Wars Prophecies.


The Druid's Isle is oddly shaped, with a looping backwards S-shaped main pathway, oddly connected side pathways, vine bridges that create additional entrances, and a large bulbous center area.

Leaving from the main entrance, there are two choices: A straight run into the center, or to wade around the side to get to the other side of the center. The second is generally unused: It is long, and while it can be put to work as a flanking maneuver, often by the time the gauntlet has been run, the battle is already over.

The center area is a small pond that can be waded through: While standing in it, players gain +1 Health regeneration, like in areas of the Maguuma Jungle (In fact, the spell is the same). In the center of the pond is an island, with a large flag pole and the flag stand. Note that while it is possible to run through the center of the flag pole, the spikes that anchor it and the flag stand are both unpassable. It is fairly easy to get stuck on either.

This map starts with a Vine Seed in each base. Pick it up and drop it near a glowing circle to create a vine bridge. These bridges allow easy access into or out of a base.



NPCs consist of several Archers, Bodyguards, and a Guild Lord.


Due to the lack of buildings to hide behind, this map is a favorite among ranger spike teams. The vine bridges allow for easy access to the enemy guild hall, so it is possible to gank the guild lord with a full team if the opponent is caught unaware. To prevent enemies from following, the vine bridges can be body-blocked by 2 characters standing shoulder to shoulder.

Druid's Isle, a popular map for split builds, features a vine seed. Dropping the vine seed on the glowing green circle outside of a base creates a vine bridge into the back entrance. Dropping it anywhere else, however, causes vines to sprout up out of the ground and knock down adjacent enemies for three seconds, after which the vines revert back into a vine seed. Two people can body-block a vine bridge completely, buying time for a retreat or assault.

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