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Your character can become drunk by consuming any kind of alcohol. While drunk, your character's vision will be blurred, and they may act erratically by shouting random phrasing or performing emotes. Drunkenness cannot be removed except by waiting for the effect to wear off. Drinking enough alcohol will make the character famous for being a Drunkard.

Levels of drunkenness[]

The default state of a character is level 0 drunkenness (i.e. completely sober). By consuming alcohol, the character's drunkenness is raised by the potency of the drink consumed, up to the maximum of level 5 drunkenness.

  • Drinking is cumulative: drinking three level 1 drinks quickly takes your character to level 3 drunkenness.
  • At levels 4 and 5, the character will shout random phrases and perform random emotes (listed below).
  • Every 60 seconds after consuming the first drink, the character will lose 1 level of drunkenness, i.e. "sober up."
    • This timer does not reset until the character is completely sober again — it is not affected by other drinks until the character becomes completely sober again.

Effects of drunkenness[]


At all drunkenness levels above level 0, the screen will be distorted and/or discolored. The exact effects depend only on the last drink consumed.

Note: Post-process effects (in the Graphics options) must be enabled to see these effects.

Level All other drinks Krytan Brandy, Witch's Brew Shamrock Ale, Vial of Absinthe Eggnog Spiked Eggnog
1 Hunters Level 1.jpg Witchs Level 1.jpg Absinthe Level 1.jpg Eggnog 1.jpg Spiked Eggnog level 1.jpg
2 Hunters Level 2.jpg Witchs Level 2.jpg Absinthe Level 2.jpg Eggnog 2.jpg Spiked Eggnog level 2.jpg
3 Hunters Level 3.jpg Witchs Level 3.jpg Absinthe Level 3.jpg Eggnog 3.jpg Spiked Eggnog level 3.jpg
4 Hunters Level 4.jpg Witchs Level 4.jpg Absinthe Level 4.jpg Eggnog 4.jpg Spiked Eggnog level 4.jpg
5 Hunters Level 5.jpg Witchs Level 5.jpg Absinthe Level 5.jpg Eggnog 5.jpg Spiked Eggnog level 5.jpg

Quotes and emotes[]

Characters at level 4 or 5 drunkenness will randomly shout phrases or perform emotes from the following lists.

  • "Everyone stop shouting!"
  • "I love you, man!"
  • "I think I need to sit down."
  • "I think I'm gonna be sick."
  • "I'm the king of the world!"
  • "It's spinning..."
  • "Oh no, not again."
  • /bored
  • /kneel
  • /moan
  • /sit
  • /stand


  • There are a few areas in the game were a character can get "drunk" without actually consuming any items. Unlike standard drunkenness, these effects do not wear off normally, and they do not grant any Drunkard points. These effects are triggered by:
  • Consuming Pahnai Salad gives the screen a warping effect similar to being drunk.
  • If you zone while being drunk, the drunkenness carries over to the next zone.
  • If you die in town (i.e. during Mad King says) you lose all of your drunkenness.

Related skills[]

The following skills have additional effects if the character is drunk (any level) when activating them.

Deldrimor Title Track[]

Drunken Master.jpg Drunken Master Stance. For 72...90 seconds, your movement and attack speeds are increased by 10...15%. If you are drunk while activating this skill, your movement and attack speeds are increased by 25...33% instead.
    5 Energy.png   60 Recharge.png
Eye of the North PvE
Can be obtained through a quest
Dwarven Stability.jpg Dwarven Stability Enchantment Spell. For 24...30 seconds, your stances last 55...100% longer. If you activated this skill while drunk, you cannot be knocked down.
    5 Energy.png ¼ Activation.png 30 Recharge.png
Eye of the North PvE
Can be obtained through a quest

Norn Title Track[]

Feel No Pain.jpg Feel No Pain Skill. For 30 seconds you have +2...3 Health regeneration. If you are drunk when activating this skill, you also have +200...300 maximum Health.
    5 Energy.png   20 Recharge.png
Eye of the North PvE
Can be obtained through a quest

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