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[[Witch's Brew]], [[Eggnog]], [[Zehtuka's Jug]], [[Shamrock Ale]], [[Hard Apple Cider]]
[[Witch's Brew]], [[Eggnog]], [[Zehtuka's Jug]], [[Shamrock Ale]], [[Hard Apple Cider]]
| '''Level 5 <br />(3 min)''' || [[Spiked Eggnog]], [[Aged Dwarven Ale]], [[Bottle of Grog]], [[Flask of Firewater]], [[Keg of Aged Hunter's Ale]], [[Aged Hunter's Ale]]
| '''Level 5 <br />(3 min)''' || [[Spiked Eggnog]], [[Aged Dwarven Ale]], [[Bottle of Grog]], [[Flask of Firewater]], [[Krytan Brandy]], [[Keg of Aged Hunter's Ale]], [[Aged Hunter's Ale]]

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You can get drunk by drinking any kind of alcohol. While drunk, your vision will be blurred and/or off-color depending on what kind of alcohol and how much of it you drink. Your character may act erratically by randomly saying things like: "I love you, man!", "I'm the king of the world!", or performing emotes like sitting down or dancing. You can remove drunkenness just by waiting a few minutes. Death will not remove drunkenness, nor will going through a portal. Traveling by using the map or by talking to an NPC, however, will make you sober. Being drunk long enough will eventually get you the Drunkard title.

DISCLAIMER: The information in this article is based on experimental research conducted by the community, and may contain inaccuracies and speculation. While we strive for accuracy in these articles, we make no claims of experimental rigor or unbiased conclusions. Caveat lector.


There are two groups of alcohol in Guild Wars: 1-level and 5-level alcohol. The following table lists the intoxicants in their groups.

Level &
Level 1
(1 min)

Dwarven Ale, Hunter's Ale, Rice Wine, Juniberry Gin, Vabbian Wine, Vial of Absinthe,

Witch's Brew, Eggnog, Zehtuka's Jug, Shamrock Ale, Hard Apple Cider

Level 5
(3 min)
Spiked Eggnog, Aged Dwarven Ale, Bottle of Grog, Flask of Firewater, Krytan Brandy, Keg of Aged Hunter's Ale, Aged Hunter's Ale

Please read the section below to understand how this translates to minutes toward the drunkard title.

Levels of drunkenness

There are 6 levels of drunkenness distinguishable when dealing with intoxicants:

  • When you do not drink any kind of alcohol, you are at level 0.
  • For each drink consumed, you ascend by as many levels as listed above until you reach the highest level. At level 5, drinking any further will only waste the drink.
  • Every minute above level 0, you will automatically descend one level until you reach level 0.
  • Descending from level 5 to 4, level 4 to 3, and level 3 to 2 will each earn 1 minute towards the Drunkard title.
  • Descending from level 2 to 1 and level 1 to 0 will not earn any minutes towards the Drunkard title.
Level Drunk Talking Emotes Counts towards Drunk title
0 no no no no (sober)
1 no no no no ("tipsy" for 1 minute)
2 no no no no ("tipsy" for 2 minutes)
3 yes no no yes (Drunk for 1 minute)
4 yes yes yes yes (Drunk for 2 minutes)
5 yes yes yes yes (Drunk for 3 minutes)

As you can see, it is most efficient to stay at least at level 3 to gain the Drunkard title. For example, you could drink 5 ales in a row then wait for 3 minutes so that you drop to level 2. Then you have to drink another 3 ales to get back to level 5 and so on.

To get the maximum use of a Flask of Firewater, a Spiked Eggnog, a Bottle of Grog, a Keg of Aged Hunter's Ale or an Aged Dwarven Ale, you have to drop down to level 2 or below before drinking them. If you drink one earlier you will waste their potential.

These are also the perfect startup drinks as they will boost you up to level 5 when sober, thus jumping over the two priming stages.

Vision for each level depending on drink

The kind of image distortion and coloring depends on the last drink you took. So it is irrelevant if you drink 4 Vials of Absinthe and then 1 Witch's Brew or 5 Witch's Brews. Both combinations will result in level 5 Witch's Brew-drunkenness. The popular Spiked Eggnog and Eggnog combination for example, sends you immediately to Eggnog level 5

Hunter's Ale /Aged Dwarven Ale / Juniberry Gin /
Zehtuka's Jug / Dwarven Ale /
Bottle of Rice Wine
Witch's Brew / Krytan Brandy Vial of Absinthe /
Shamrock Ale
Eggnog Spiked Eggnog
Level 1 Hunters Level 1.jpg Witchs Level 1.jpg Absinthe Level 1.jpg Eggnog 1.jpg Spiked Eggnog level 1.jpg
Level 2 Hunters Level 2.jpg Witchs Level 2.jpg Absinthe Level 2.jpg Eggnog 2.jpg Spiked Eggnog level 2.jpg
Level 3 Hunters Level 3.jpg Witchs Level 3.jpg Absinthe Level 3.jpg Eggnog 3.jpg Spiked Eggnog level 3.jpg
Level 4 Hunters Level 4.jpg Witchs Level 4.jpg Absinthe Level 4.jpg Eggnog 4.jpg Spiked Eggnog level 4.jpg
Level 5 Hunters Level 5.jpg Witchs Level 5.jpg Absinthe Level 5.jpg Eggnog 5.jpg Spiked Eggnog level 5.jpg


  • Post Process effects must be enabled to see any visual alteration.
  • Getting drunk through methods other than consuming alcoholic items out of your inventory does not count towards the title. This includes speaking with One-Eyed Rugger in the Blacktide Den mission, stealing drinks during the drinking contest in the Tihark Orchard mission, or drinking from the barrels during The Great Norn Alemoot quest.
  • Consuming Pahnai Salad gives the screen a warping effect similar to being drunk.
  • If you zone while being drunk, the drunkness carries over to the next zone.
  • If you die in town (i.e. during Mad King says) you lose all of your drunkeness.

PvE skills affected

Deldrimor Title Track

Drunken Master.jpg Drunken Master Stance. For 72...90 seconds, your movement and attack speeds are increased by 10...15%. If you are drunk while activating this skill, your movement and attack speeds are increased by 25...33% instead.
    5 Energy.png   60 Recharge.png
Eye of the North PvE
Can be obtained through a quest
Dwarven Stability.jpg Dwarven Stability Enchantment Spell. For 24...30 seconds, your stances last 55...100% longer. If you activated this skill while drunk, you cannot be knocked down.
    5 Energy.png ¼ Activation.png 30 Recharge.png
Eye of the North PvE
Can be obtained through a quest

Norn Title Track

Feel No Pain.jpg Feel No Pain Skill. For 30 seconds you have +2...3 Health regeneration. If you are drunk when activating this skill, you also have +200...300 maximum Health.
    5 Energy.png   20 Recharge.png
Eye of the North PvE
Can be obtained through a quest

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