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Dusty Urn.jpg
Dusty Urn's map.jpg

This urn is located near a Resurrection shrine in Forum Highlands and is part of the quest One Man's Dream. If you click on it you get this text:

"You give the urn a good rub but end up with nothing but a dark stain on your sleeve."

If you click it again you get:

"You rub the urn again. Suddenly...nothing happens."

If you click a third time a group of Djinn appear with a Djinn Overseer. The Overseer can do massive damage, hitting for over 300 at times. Once you have killed all 4 Djinn, the Overseer will become a neutral NPC. Speak to the Overseer to continue the quest "One Man's Dream." If you don't have the quest, the Overseer will say:

"Always wishing for wants or wanting a humans are all the same"