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Dwarven Boxing (A.K.A. Brawling) is a mini-game introduced in Eye of the North. It takes place through a series of quests given by Kilroy Stonekin in Gunnar's Hold which allows you to fight a variety of different foes from all over Tyria, and explore Fronis Irontoe's Lair. If you don't already have one, Kilroy will give you a pair of Brass Knuckles that must be equipped before any brawling can be done.

Brawling Quests[]

These quests are all given by Kilroy Stonekin in Gunnar's Hold and are as follows:



When Brawling:

  • Your maximum Health is 500. (600 in Hard Mode)
  • Your maximum energy starts at 15 and increases by 5 every time you are knocked out.
  • You can only use Brawling skills to damage foes. (Although on occasion melee attacks will damage the opponent)
  • When you knock out an enemy you gain 200 Health. (300 in Hard Mode)
  • Instead of dying when you reach 0 Health, you are knocked out.
  • While knocked out use STAND UP! to get back on your feet.

The normal Skill Bar is replaced by 8 Brawling Skills:

Brawling Block.jpg

Brawling Block

Brawling Jab.jpg

Brawling Jab

Brawling Straight Right.jpg

Brawling Straight Right

Brawling Hook.jpg

Brawling Hook

Brawling Uppercut.jpg

Brawling Uppercut

Brawling Headbutt (Brawling).jpg

Brawling Headbutt (Brawling)

Brawling Combo Punch.jpg

Brawling Combo Punch



Be Prepared[]


Thunderfist's Brass Knuckles, from The Throwdown in a Norn Town given by Kilroy Stonekin;

  • Inscription: Brawn over Brains (since energy doesn't matter, but damage output does)
  • Dagger Handle: of Shelter (if you don't have that, of Defense is nearly as good)
  • Dagger Tang: Furious, Sundering, or Vampiric, for extra adrenaline, armor penetration, or stealing health.

Use your best anti-physical Armor, as it will be unaffected by the Brawling effect

  • Insignia:
    • General: Brawler's or Stalwart, which add +10 armor while attacking or against physical damage.
    • Assassins: Saboteur's, Vanguard's and Infiltrator's Insignia (+10 vs physical and +10 Armor vs Slashing, Blunt, or Piercing damage respectively)
    • Warriors: Knight's (reduces physical damage by 3)
    • Paragons: Centurion (take advantage of the near constant, Kilroy's Shout)
    • Elementalists: Prismatic (+20 armor, if you take 9 points in each attribute, using Runes)
  • Runes:
    • Health runes have no effect during Brawling
    • Warriors: Absorption (slight decrease in damage)
    • Elementalists: Attribute runes (to boost your attributes to 9 each for the Prismatic Insignias)
Insight Scrolls for Survivor candidates

Boxing Strategies[]

  • The skill Brawling Straight Right is very useful at interrupting self heals (such as Lion's Comfort or Healing Signet) or enemy attacks, so try to avoid using it solely as a damage dealer.
  • After using the skill Brawling Headbutt, your enemy will be knocked down. As soon as they are on their feet again, they will use a skill. Try to time a Brawling Block or Brawling Straight Right immediately as they are getting up to avoid taking any damage.
  • Brawling Combo Punch should be used as often as possible because it has a long recharge. If you are knocked out and successfully recover this skill will be recharged, ready for another use.
  • Keep Brawling Block up as much as possible as it is hard to tell which move your opponent will use next; this way, you can avoid more damage on average.
  • If knocked out, your energy will be depleted. You must then restore your energy back to maximum by using the skill STAND UP! before the timer reaches zero. Every time the skill is used you regain 1 energy, and it helps to both tap the '8' key and click the skill button for a speedier recovery. You can also bind extra keys, like '9' and '0', to "Use skill 8", letting you recover energy four times as quickly by mashing the three keys and clicking at the same time.
  • At the beginning, receive Kilroy Stonekin's buff, Kilroy Stonekin (skill), and run past all of the enemies directly to Fronis Irontoe and defeat him. You can bypass the final blockade by staying to the right side.

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