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Dwarven Soldier
Dwarven Soldier.jpg
Species: Dwarf
Profession: Warrior Warrior-icon.png
Level(s): 10, 20, 24


Dwarven Soldiers are the warrior units of the Deldrimor Dwarves.



Eye of the North[]

Skills used[]

Level 10, 20[]

Level 24[]

Axe warrior:

Hammer warrior:


In Droknar's Forge:

"Be careful out there, if the mantle don't get you the wolves will."
"Does me beard look short to you? I think that nasty wife o' mine cut it while I was sleeping."
"Droknar's Forge is the last stronghold of Deldrimor. Great Dwarf protect us."
"Even the Stone Summit won't be safe from the White Mantle and their puppeteers."
"Good friend o' mine, Rorgus Ironheart, makes a good brew if you're thirsty, human."
"Hey there, human. you ever get dizzy up there?"
"Hows the weather up there, human?"
"I could use a pint of grog."
"I have cousins in the Summit, though I don't speak to them. I don't understand the way they think."
"I need an ale. What say you?"
"I'm hankering for some o' Grenda's hearty stew."
"It riles me up thinking o' them summit dwarves making themsleves at home in our lands."
"Maybe them White Mantle and the Stone Summit will kill each other off. Solve both of our problems."
"Mind leaning down a bit lower so I can hear you?"
"My youngest daughter was killed in a raid by the Stone Summit a few months ago..."
"Not now. I'm busy. Wife says our barrel of grog is empty..."
"The nation of Deldrimor has held this mountain for generations."
"The Stone Summit might call themselves Dwarves, but I've got a whole other name for 'em."
"The White Mantle and their masters are all over this mountain. Watch yourself out there."
"These darned boots are givin me blisters!"
"We're safe here in Droknar's Forge...for now."
"We left Thunderhead Keep so quickly, I left behind my favorite hammer. Damn shame, too."
"You are a friend of Deldrimor. I'm grateful our people can help each other."
"You enjoying our weather? I imagine it's a bit cold for one from Ascalon."
"You know, you'd look much better with a beard."
"You're a tall one, aren't you?"