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The Dye Preview window

The Identical Dye Combination warning

The Dye Preview panel allows you to check what an object would look like before the dye is actually applied. Double clicking on a Vial of Dye and clicking on the object you wish to have dyed will bring up the panel. The panel has 4 slots for dye vials, applying however many vials you drag into the slots simultaneously once you confirm your decision.

The panel will appear for armor pieces and weapons, but not for inventory containers such as bags; these will use the dye immediately.

You can rotate and zoom the picture by clicking into it and then use drag and mouse wheel.

If the current dye combination is the same as the dye already applied to the item the panel will display a warning message.

Players wanting a set of armor or weapons perfectly matched in color should preview all pieces before applying any dye to any piece. Different pieces can result in different colors despite using the exact same mixture of dyes. In some cases this can be corrected by replacing, adding or removing a vial of dye.


  • Through the Dye Preview Panel it is possible to try on somebody else's armor. To accomplish this, the person whose armor you wish to try on must be the same profession as you. Sex does not matter. Despite the fact that armor is customized, if you select to dye it, that piece of armor will appear on your character in the Dye Preview Panel. This, obviously, will not work on armor that cannot be dyed, such as Spectacles or Glacial Gauntlets. It will, however, work on armor that does not show effects of dye, but can still have dye applied to it, such as parts of Necromancer Elite Scar Patterns or Monk Sunspear Sandals and Handwraps.
Historical note.png Historical note: Prior to the Oct. 25th, 2006, game update, which introduced the Dye Preview panel, players could create mixed dyes by applying one dye to another. Some of these dyes still exist in the game and are called "Vial of Dye [Mixed]."