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Dynastic Spirit
Dynastic Spirit.jpg
Species: Ghost
Level(s): 20


Dynastic Spirits were peasants and commoners in life, presumably before the Shattered Dynasties.



After completing Gate of Desolation (mission):

"I fear the powers rising in the Crystal Desert. I feel Palawa Joko's fingers in the sand, counting the hours we have left on this world."
"I remember of ancient dynasties of proud kings fighting over noble titles. They're all gone now; no more than sand on the exposed seabed."
"Sunspear... that is what they call your people? Yes, we were much like you; before the dark times... before Palawa Joko."
"Palawa Joko! I curse the name! He stole from us our honor!"
"The dynasties were a time of peace of plenty. Children laughed and men and women discussed all manner of philosophy. Palawa Joko ended it all."

After completing Ruins of Morah (mission):

"In the Realm of Torment, death would be a blessed relief. But death never comes..."
"No, traveler, do not walk that path. Palawa Joko is a kinder master than the Realm of Torment."
"There are darker things than we spirits now moving in the world; creatures of Torment come to bring about Nightfall."
"We knew of the Realm of Torment long ago, but such knowledge was lost in the Pretender Wars.
"You cannot go to the Realm of Torment! It will eat your soul and leave you shattered."

Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of the Nightfall Campaign.

After completing Abaddon's Gate (mission):

"Do not leave us. Palawa Joko will rise again, and we must prepare to fight him. Forever...
"Even a spirit can dare, traveler, and even a ghost can defy."
"Live forever. Walk the sands until the sun burns you raw. Never die."
"Something moved beneath the sands of the Crystal Desert. Hungry spirits, seeking flesh."
"The Dynasties still live in my dreams. There is another true-blooded heir..."


A few of their dialogues may hint about the events after Eye of the North and Guild Wars 2.